Rescuers talk about rescuing a 19-year-old from a car crash in Hancock County.

GREENFIELD. A fiery accident brought together rescuers and bystanders to save a Hancock County teenager.

Jonathan Moncrief, 19, told WRTV he is at home recovering slowly and grateful to be alive.

“I think it was a blessing to be there and I thank God,” said John Brooks.

John Brooks, 58, doesn’t want to be called a hero, but said he was in the right place at the right time.

“The car caught fire and overturned. Oh God, they’re stuck in the car,” is part of Brook’s call to 911 on July 2 at around 3:45 a.m.


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19 year old Jonathan Moncrief

Brooks says he was the only other vehicle moving westbound on US-40 when 19-year-old Jonathan Moncrief flipped his car, hit the median and was trapped when the car caught fire.

“It was heading west, made a midway turn and appeared to take off into the air and blew up several axles that started a fire while flying over the ground,” the sergeant said. Justin Jackson said.

Jackson, along with Patrolman Blake Krull, heard a radio call for help. They voluntarily rushed to help Hancock County Assemblyman Barb Meils get Moncrief out.

“The video I saw [Ofc. Crull and Deputy Meils] shows that he went and tried to rip the glass out of the car and tried to get the man out of the car,” Jackson said.” They tried to wake the man. He was unconscious. He didn’t answer. They reached out to try to grab him, he won’t fit. I don’t know if his leg is stuck or something like that. That’s when I arrived. I saw how close the fire was to him.”


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19 year old Jonathan Moncrief

While the others were trying to open the door, Sgt. Jackson was looking for a fire extinguisher to buy time.

“If I had been the way to it, the door would have burst open,” Jackson said. “At that moment I went straight into the car and dived after the man, at which point he fell towards the center console. Officer Krull and I dragged him to safety. I then checked the car to make sure no one was inside.”

Sergeant Justin Jackson says it all happened within two minutes.

“A couple of minutes would change everything. After we pulled it out, within a minute the car was completely consumed,” Jackson said.

Moncrief’s father says that he has a fracture of the base of the skull, a contusion of the lung, a severe concussion, pain and burns on his back.

Although he will have to wear a hard collar for the next three months, he is grateful and looks forward to playing his guitar again.


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“I’m glad he’s making a full recovery. I’m just glad we were able to get to this family and get their son out of the car,” Jackson said.

Brooks remained on the scene the entire time, also doing his best to help. He thanks the first responders and relays this message to Moncrief.

“I pray that he gets well soon and I would like to meet you in person, shake your hand and let you know that God is on your side,” Brooks said.

The Moncrief family thanks the attendees and tells WRTV that they would also like to meet Brooks and the officers.


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19 year old Jonathan Moncrief

The crash is still under investigation.