Accolite to more than triple headcount in India to 8,500 in 3 years

Texas IT company Accolit Digital plans to more than triple its headcount in India to around 8,500 over the next three years, a senior company official said. Founder and CEO of Accolite Digital Leela Casa told PTI that the company aims to quintuple revenue to US$500 million and increase global headcount approximately 4 times to 10,000 people by 2025.

“The vision is to grow our business to half a billion by 2025 and double that across our three core BFSI verticals (banking and financial services, insurance): TMT (technology, media and telecommunications) and healthcare. We are deeply rooted in digital products. engineering, cloud and DevOps, data and artificial intelligence, customer experience, cybersecurity and design services,” Casa said.

He said the company is steadily growing the business with an industry-leading growth rate of 35 to 50 percent and triple-digit revenue approaching US$100 million, he said.

The company currently employs 2,600 professionals worldwide, of which 2,400 are located in India, where it has 6 digital labs located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

“We aim to increase the workforce to 10,000 by 2025. We plan to add another 2,500 employees by the end of calendar year 2022. In 2025, the workforce in India will be 85% of the projected number of employees of 10,000. In addition to the existing geographies in which we have a presence, we plan to scale operations in Latham (Latin America), Eastern Europe and Sri Lanka,” Casa said.

He said private equity firm New Mountain Capital has acquired a majority stake in the company, and the company is actively pursuing acquisitions in the vertical in which it operates.

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“We recently acquired Xerris, a Canadian provider of cloud and software development services, our first acquisition for the company. This puts us in a good position in Canada as well as in the cloud space. We will look into similar acquisitions to drive revenue growth.” and we are actively exploring acquisition opportunities in Eastern Europe. In terms of the region, we are looking to grow in the US, Canada and the UK. We are also opening operations in Mexico,” Casa said. PTI PRS WHAT

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