An amazing symptom of a new strain of Covid that you can get at night

There is an unusual symptom associated with a newly diagnosed AD. 5 Covid, and it is reported to make itself felt at night, said the expert.

The expert said that an unexpected symptom associated with a new strain of Covid can appear at night.

Luke O’Neill, professor of biochemistry from Ireland, alerted the newly identified AD. Option 5 – now dominant Sub-variant Omicron around the world – can turn sleep into flour.

A Trinity College bug specialist explained how the “altered” virus is now showing new and different symptoms that many don’t necessarily recognize as Covid. Sun reports.

Speaking to Ireland Newstelk, the professor said, “One additional symptom for AD. 5 I saw night sweats this morning.”

While most people sweat a little at night, night sweats are another matter entirely.

According to the NHS, they are classified as sweaty so that your nightgown and bedding become wet.

Adults and children may sweat at night even if your room temperature is cool.

Professor O’Neill warned that the latest symptom is another “twist” and they are the result of a new virus colliding with the immune system, leading to a “different illness.”

And he stressed that while existing vaccines still provide “good protection,” new vaccines will be introduced.

He explained: “Like with the flu, you will change the vaccine based on the option that exists at the moment.”

This article originally appeared on Sun and reproduced with permission

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