Mike Brito, powerful spy in Mexico, dies at 87

Brito’s other signings include current Dodgers player Julio Urias, who has won 20 games in 2021; fickle outfielder Yasiel Puig, Cuban; pitchers Ismael Valdes, Joaquim Soria, Antonio Osuna, Victor Gonzalez and Dennis Reyes; shortstop Juan Castro and outfielder Karim Garcia. Another find, Bobby Castillo, a converted third baseman known as Babo, taught Valenzuela how to throw a crazy ball.

“I’m not lying to you,” Brito told The Los Angeles Times in 2011. “For a week, Fernando was throwing nonsense as well as Babo.”

“To many, many prospects from Mexico, he was a god” Jaime JarrinSpanish-language broadcaster Dodgers since 1959, said Baseball America last year. “They loved him because he protected them.”

Mike Brito was born on August 8th. October 21, 1934 in Cuba and was a catcher who, starting in 1955, played three seasons in the lower levels of the Washington Senators’ minor league system and then several seasons in the Mexican League.

After retiring, he moved to Los Angeles, where he found work as a truck driver and created an adult amateur league in which he also played.

Scouting became his way to stay in baseball. “Thank God I became a scout in the Mexican league,” he said in a short video profile. “The White Hat and the Wild Horse: The Scout Who Found Puig”. When Dodgers general manager Al Campanis asked him to work on the team, he thought, “It’s like finding a guy in the desert and asking him if he wants a glass of water.