The 34-year-old skydiver died after a horrific crash in Connevarra near Torquay.

The 34-year-old skydiver, who made more than 300 parachute jumps, crashed on Sunday morning. Investigators are looking into why.

A man has died in a second skydiving accident in a year on the surf coast of Victoria.

Emergency services were called to Brimley Road in Connevarra at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, where a 34-year-old skydiver fell from the sky.

That man – who, according to a Geelong advertiser, tried to jump in a wingsuit – died on the spot.

The second man, who also landed in the area, was not injured.

Police said the accident happened after a group of people jumped out of a plane near Torquay.

The deceased man from Sydenham in Melbourne’s west was an experienced skydiver.

“He is an experienced skydiver who has skydived over 300 times,” Victoria Police Sergeant Fletcher Pearson told Nine News.

“He was coached by another gentleman who landed in the paddock next to him. He had no injuries.

“He knows another skydiver with whom he has been diving for over 10 years.

“We will look at the situation, all aspects of it, regarding his equipment, the skydiving site, the company.

“Hopefully we’ll have an answer soon as to why this happened.”

Australia’s chief skydiving instructor Michael Tibbits described the man as “a popular member of our community”.

“Skydiving is a very close-knit community for many reasons, so we are very saddened by our loss today,” he told Nine News.

“This is a traumatic experience for everyone.

Skydiving has inherent risks. We do our best to manage them and mitigate them.”

The Australian Parachuting Federation is investigating the cause of the incident.

Skydiving instructor Arron Toepfer died last July. when his parachute failed during a tandem parachute jump in the same area.