Vegan activist Tash Peterson protests outside the Perth Zoo after Trisha’s death.

Vegan protester Tash Peterson brought her megaphone to the gates of the zoo, where a veteran elephant died this week after colliding with passers-by.

Vegan activist Tash Peterson held a protest outside the Perth Zoo days after the death of her beloved elephant Trisha.

On Saturday, Ms. Peterson posted a video to her social media of herself showing herself at the zoo’s entrance gate with a bullhorn.

Another activist held a banner urging people to watch Dominion on YouTube, a 2018 Australian documentary filming secret footage of farms to negatively influence public opinion about animal husbandry.

Ms Peterson, wearing a top with “vegan forever” written on the sleeves, was confronted by a couple of passers-by who showered her with verbal abuse as she protested against captive animals.

One man tried to take away her phone, and a young woman tried to take away her megaphone and swore at her.

“Putting animals in zoos is cruel, barbaric and outdated,” Peterson shouted through a bullhorn.

“Wild animals belong in the wild, not in city prisons.

“Animals are not food, goods, entertainment, clothing, objects, or machines.

“They are people like us and have the right to live without harm.”

The protest began after the death of Perth Zoo triarch Trisha, the oldest female elephant in Australasia, due to “age related complications” including problems with sleep and mobility.

Asian elephants were 65 years old and were considered among the oldest in the world.

She died Wednesday surrounded by zoo staff, some of whom have cared for her for nearly two decades.

Perth Zoo has two more elephants, a female Permai and a male Putra Mas, and Permai refused to leave Trisha for a while after her death.

“Like humans, elephants have a grieving process and the loss of Trisha will be hard on her elephant family,” the Perth Zoo said in a social media post.

Trisha came to Perth from Vietnam in January 1963.

On Saturday, the zoo hosted a memorial walk in honor of Trisha, which will be open for a week so people can honor the elephant.

The zoo also donated half of all ticket sales on Sunday to Trisha’s foundation to help protect elephants in the wild and build an outpost in Sumatra.

Originally published as Vegan activist Tash Peterson staged a protest outside the Perth Zoo following the death of her beloved elephant Trisha.