A sinkhole destroys a Richmond Lowland cottage northwest of Sydney

The once beautiful farmhouse was destroyed by a huge sinkhole that swallowed up most of the land.

Stormy New South Wales weather has claimed another picturesque cottage northwest of Sydney, now in ruins due to a huge sinkhole.

The huge crater formed on Monday due to continued heavy rain in the area and flooding on the Hawkesbury River.

The back of a cottage in the Richmond Lowlands collapsed due to a sinkhole, and a large chasm swallowed up part of the property.

It spanned the once large waterfront lawn and extended all the way to the banks of the Hawkesbury River.

This comes after Archerfield Farm Cottage was submerged just a few days ago.

The house was owned by former INXS manager Chris Murphy and stayed with his family when he died last year.

Mr. Murphy used the property as a stud farm.

NSW Fire and Rescue Chief Superintendent Michael Morris cited erosion as the likely cause of the sinkhole failure after the area was hit by floods three times this year.

“The cause will be assessed by engineers, but it appears to be erosion of the banks of a river that caused the surrounding land to collapse,” he told 9News.

“We had an area of ​​river bank erosion that caused the land around the property to collapse.

“Today we were very lucky that the property had already been evacuated and that no one was present when the landslide affected it… it was very fortunate given the size of the scar on the landscape.”

The property owners called their neighbors on Monday morning and warned them to stay away from the banks of the Hawkesbury River.

Originally published as Farm cottage along Hawkesbury River destroyed by massive sinkhole