Cricket boss Nkwe reveals he wants to tap into his predecessor Smith’s brain

New CSA cricket director Enoch Nkwe expressed his desire to keep his predecessor Graham Smith’s involvement in South African cricket, stating “you can’t take that away from him, he’s one of the legends of the game.”

Smith’s tenure as director of cricket came to an end on 31 March and, given the often strained relationship between him and the CSA board, which accused him of racism to no avail, he decided not to renew his contract.

Nkwe, former assistant coach of the national team, was announced as Smith’s successor on June 30 and held its first press conference on 8 July. Having already revealed that he has a good relationship with Proteas head coach Mark Boucher and the pair had a fruitful meeting ahead of the team’s departure to England, Nkwe has indicated his willingness to work with Smith as well. .

“To improve cricket in South Africa, it will always be helpful to have some level of contact with Graham to ensure continuity,” Nkwe said.

“You can’t take that away from him, he’s one of the legends of the game and our most successful captain. You want to tap into that cricket’s brain, see how he sees things from the outside.

He took part in the IPL, he is still based in South Africa and is just one call away. Why not use it? You don’t want to lose him in the desert.

“So I will try to use him in whatever capacity I can. It’s the same with all of our former players, we want to bring them closer to us,” Nkwe said.

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Former Central Gauteng Lions player and coach said the Proteas team maintains a positive brand of cricket that he wants to introduce to all CSA teams.

“This is a very positive brand. We South Africans are so different and I would like us to show the world that we can lead the world of cricket,” Nkwe said.

“Whenever we landed the first blow, we were very dominant. I would like this attitude to spread along the pipeline, I want us to become trendsetters.

“Every time we were positive, took risks, were not afraid, then we were a strong force. Other countries have highly appreciated our talent, we want to win more often.

“Most players understand my philosophy, although from a strategic point of view there are quite a few things that we have yet to reveal,” Nkwe said.

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