Emma Raducanou has no idea if she will compete at Wimbledon after a ‘weird’ injury

The 19-year-old athlete was forced to withdraw from the match against the Swiss Victoria Golubic due to the fact that she had problems.

It comes as the number of the world. 3 Alexander Zverev has undergone surgery for a torn ligament in his right ankle, which will almost certainly rule him out of Wimbledon.

The big grass court is due to start on June 27, and while Zverev is unlikely to recover, Radukanu says she “has no idea” if she will compete.

“First game, complete freak. I think I pulled something. I’m not entirely sure what exactly happened. I just stepped out of the court,” Radukan told reporters after the match.

“He is on the side of my body. It feels, I don’t know, maybe around my rib or something.

“He could just seize and spasm, and then a few days will be very bad. But I have no idea. I can’t diagnose myself, so I’ll check.”

Radukan, who reached the 1/8 finals of Wimbledon last year, also complained about a series of fitness problems she has been wrestling ever since she won her first Grand Slam.

She hasn’t been able to find consistency since her breakout year and currently doesn’t have a coach.

Radukan received medical attention during the June 7 match.

Zverev began rehabilitation

Meanwhile, Zverev is already undergoing rehabilitation after surgery.

The 25-year-old is on the hunt for the first Grand Slam trophy of his career but will have to wait for his injury to recover.

“We each have our own path in life. This is part of my journey. Next week I will reach a career-high second place in the world, but this morning I had to undergo surgery, ”Zverev said in a post on Instagram Tuesday.

“After further examination in Germany, we received confirmation that all three lateral ligaments on my right ankle were torn.

“In order to get back to competition as quickly as possible, ensure proper healing of all ligaments, and restore full ankle stability, surgery was the best choice.

“My rehab is starting now and I will do my best to come back stronger than ever!”