Family and colleagues remember security guard El Rey, who was killed at work

Milwaukee (CBS 58) – The family and friends of a Milwaukee security guard staged a picket Sunday, July 10, after he was killed Saturday in a shootout in El Rey on Cesar Chavez Drive.

Anthony “Tony” Nolden, 59, is survived by two children, a 10-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter, whose wedding he attended just the day before he was killed, his family said.

Nolden’s nephews and nephews said that he really was a father figure to them.

They said that Tony loved everyone and called his death “senseless”.

“My uncle went to work to do work. My uncle didn’t go to work so as not to offend anyone. “My uncle didn’t plan to wake up to go to work and not go home to his family,” said Nateisha Nolden-Nickelson, Tony’s niece.

Along with family and friends, the Milwaukee Brown Berets and his fellow marshal of public safety attended the Sunday vigil.

Enoch Wilson, director of the Marshal of Public Safety, said Nolden enjoyed his longtime job as a security guard, and he especially enjoyed working at El Rey.

“Greeting people, greeting people, making sure that when customers come they feel safe, that they know it’s a safe place,” Wilson said.

The Nolden family made it clear that Tony was a friendly man who loved everyone he met.

“My uncle was a superhero. He was a superhero when we were kids and now we have grown up and he is still a superhero for us,” said his nephew Emmanuel Nolden.

Nolden’s death was another tragic loss for his family due to the use of firearms. His brother Franklin was killed in Milwaukee 23 years ago at a July 4th barbecue.

“I must come to watch. When I just visit my dad, looking at the dirt. Now I have to do the same with my uncle? What’s next? Milwaukee needs to get together. I don’t remember growing up like this,” Nateisha Nolden-Nickelson said.

The family of Anthony Nolden is shocked by the violence committed against their loved one and many other recent outbreaks of gun violence in Milwaukee.

“It hurts me that I don’t even feel safe in the city I was born and raised in, and I feel safe when I get off the plane somewhere else. It’s sad,” said Tony’s niece, Nejia Nolden-Mitchell.

The Nolden family begs the city to put down their weapons.

“We have to stop all this senseless violence out of thin air. It doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t make us better as human beings, it destroys us one by one,” said Emmanuel Nolden. “Now we are rapidly losing humanity.”

Milwaukee 12th District Alderman Jose Perez and Milwaukee District 8 Alderman Jocasta Zamarripa also attended the Sunday vigil. They said they were working to mitigate the issue of gun violence in the Clark Square neighborhoods.

Zamarripa said that on Monday, July 11, a meeting will be held at City Hall on public safety in the area.