‘Good. “Now announce it,” Pressley says as Biden mulls health emergency to defend abortion rights

Yves is here. I’m not sure the Biden administration, which has declared a public health emergency to protect “access” to abortion, will survive a lawsuit as it sounds tantamount to declaring pregnancy a “health emergency.” However, recent polls show that Biden’s popularity has fallen even further, to 33%. The Democratic Party’s inaction on the Supreme Court’s ban on abortion, despite early warning that it was likely, suggests that insiders assumed it would be a plus for the midterms. While abortion rights are a hot button for fundraising, many real voters, unlike the moneybags, are rightfully upset by Democrats expecting rewards for decades of dropping the ball. Both some readers here and on Twitter have stated that they are changing their party’s registration from Democrat after the ruling.

So if focus group types state that the Democrats’ non-abortion strategy is deservedly failing voters, Biden could try the health emergency gambit in, say, mid to late September, to be perceived as Doing Something, but , hope he does not get marked by the courts before the interim dates.

Jake Johnson, staff writer for Common Dreams. Originally posted on shared dreams

President Joe Biden confirmed on Sunday that his administration is considering declaring a public health emergency to help protect access to abortion as Republican-led states – provoked by the U.S. Supreme Court – are moving quickly to ban the procedure entirely.

Speaking to reporters, Biden said declaring a public health emergency is a move he asked “medics in the administration to pay attention to.” Specifically, the president said he had requested guidance as to whether he had “the authority to do this and what impact it would have.”

“Good,” answered Rep. Ayanna Pressly (D-Massachusetts), one of almost two dozen Democratic lawmakers are urging the president to take a step that supporters say will free up key federal resources and powers needed for a nationwide response to right-wing attacks on abortion.

“Now claim it,” Pressley added.

Biden’s remarks followed bloomberg making report just days earlier, indicating that the administration had considered and “shelved” the idea of ​​declaring a public health emergency over abortion rights violations, concluding that “the impact does not justify the inevitable legal battle.”

The calculation has angered abortion rights advocates, who argue that the Biden administration should do whatever it takes to protect access to abortion as state-level GOP lawmakers push for a total ban on abortion, no longer limited to the constitutional protections afforded under the recently repealed law. . Rowe vs. Wade solution.

“The president actively chooses inaction”, tweeted Renee Bracey Sherman, CEO of We Testify, a group that represents the interests of people who have had an abortion. “This is the moment to be bold and innovative. People need to see that they are doing something, and not just reject every idea that is proposed to them.”

Friday Biden signed the writ of execution directing federal health agencies to take steps to expand access to medical abortion and emergency contraception in states where Republican legislators are imposing draconian abortion bans, including dormant laws dates back to the 1800s.

While progressive legislators and human rights organizations welcome order as a positive first step, they urged the administration to move forward as the White House resists more drastic action and fires those who demand it as marginal activists.

But demands for a public health emergency are unlikely to come exclusively from the Democratic mainstream.

AT column per New York Times one day after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Sens. Elizabeth Warren (M.A.) and Tina Smith (Minnesota) pleaded with Biden to “declare a public health emergency to protect access to abortion for all Americans, freeing up critical resources and powers that states and the federal government can use to meet the surge.” demand for reproductive health services.

“The danger is real,” the Senators wrote, “and Democrats must meet it with the urgency it deserves.”

Hours before the Supreme Court decision, a group of black Democratic Congresswomen led by Pressly sent a letterurging the White House to “use any and all executive agencies to address the public health crisis facing our country if Rowe vs. Wade dismantled.”

“Declaring a public health emergency and a national emergency will allow your administration to use additional flexibility and deploy resources where needed,” the letter said. “At this unprecedented moment, we must act with urgency as if lives depended on it, because it does.”

Pressley doubled down on that call on Sunday.

“This is a public health emergency,” she said. wrote on Twitter. “Announce it.”