Justice Department Wants Illegal Immigrants to Vote

Who will vote for Biden after he destroyed the American economy? Perhaps illegal immigrants from socialist countries who would be grateful even for the lowest standard of living in this country. I explained how the electoral system is rigged by Dominion Voting Systems, which send money directly to liberal candidates and have close ties to George Soros. The Biden administration wants the game to be entirely in their favor, and now wants illegal immigrants to vote in American elections.

The Biden administration is effectively suing the state of Arizona because the state will require voters to show proof of American citizenship. Wasn’t the left outraged by the alleged interference of other countries in our electoral process? The Justice Department argues that House Bill 2492 is illegal under the Civil Rights Act (1964) and the National Voter Registration Act (1993).

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said he would not accept the Justice Department’s demands. “In addition to free rooms and transportation for those who enter our country illegally, the Justice Department now wants to give them the opportunity to vote,” he told Fox reporters. “It’s another round of Brnovich v. Biden. I will be back in court defending Arizona against the lawlessness of the Biden administration.”

Recently in New York banned illegal aliens from voting and the measure has bipartisan support. Even Mayor Bill de Blasio did not object to this decision. The only politicians willing to let outsiders vote in elections are the far left, and it seems that those at the very top of our political system have become extremists in their views.