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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has created the worst information environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in softening the fog of war – both real fog and stage fog – in the comments. None of us need more support and repetition of unlinked memes; there are platforms for that. Pom-poms of little value without references will be destroyed without delay.

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Lobsters are not immortal, but the myth that they are immortal seems to be true McGill (re Shilts)

Penguins in a Japanese aquarium are fed cheaper fish and are unhappy CNN (fuzzy)

Scientists discover asteroid’s surface looks like a ‘pit of plastic balls’

A piece of the earth’s crust 4 billion years old has been discovered under Australia Scientific Alert (Kevin W.)

Shinzo Abe

An Abenomics legacy to live on from its tragically murdered architect bloomberg

Friendly relations London Review of Books. Old part, but worth revisiting at the moment.

# COVID-19

Science / Medicine

‘Several hundred thousand’ new COVID cases per day not reported as hospitalizations continue to rise MarketWatch (relative to Šilc)

Researchers may have found a biomarker for long-term COVID Boston Globe

Loss of training due to Covid has become a global catastrophe Economist


Climate / Environment

Suburban lawn will never be the same bloomberg

Wild species support half of the world’s population, report says Guardian (re Shilts)

MIT scientists think they’ve discovered how to reverse climate change completely Yahu (furry)

Amazon rainforest: highest deforestation rate in six years BBC

‘Worrying’: Cancer-linked weed-killing ingredient found in 80% of U.S. urine samples Guardian (Brian C)

Old Blighty

Why was Boris Johnson so influential at such an important moment? Irish Times

For the EU, Johnson’s departure will make little difference; The damage has already been done AP (fluffy)

HMRC investigates Chancellor Nadhim Zahavi’s tax cases Independent

How Boris destroyed Boris Nestado

How nuclear war will affect the modern world LSU (ss)

Boris Johnson is leaving, but we’re stuck in the same right-wing nightmare Jacobin

New not-so-cold war

UN believes that Ukrainian security forces put civilians at risk when attacking a nursing home Axios

US announces new $400 million arms package for Ukraine (about Schilz)

Kyiv criticized calls to control US military aid to Ukraine RT (Kevin W.)

Zelensky dismissed Ukraine’s envoy to Germany and other ambassadors Reuters

Europe’s big and expensive energy mistake (relative to Šilc)

UK electricity bills ‘could top £3,300 a year this winter’ Guardian (Kevin W.)


Oil minister says Iraq will take action to cancel Kurdish oil deals ABC News (on Schilz)

In a letter to Biden, Shirin Abu Akle’s family demands a meeting and an end to Israel’s impunity Interception (reŠilc)

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan president resigns, parliament speaker says amid protest storm Reuters

uprising in sri lanka

Look at its size:

– Maajid بو عمّار (@MaajidNawaz) July 9, 2022

Revolt in Sri Lanka. Look at its huge size. MaajidNawaz

Resurgent Left in Chile Catalyst

Anti-government protests grow in Argentina as president calls for unity World news guru

Big Brother is watching you

Goodbye, cash fare and some infamous history on the George Washington Bridge Yeshiva Mir


Cipollone announced the privilege of the executive branch on some issues of the committee of January 6 CNN


Americans are not very happy with Biden’s visit to the Middle East: poll Responsible public administration

Three-star general who taunted Jill Biden removed from office Washington Post

democrats undeveloped

‘It’s disgusting’: An insider’s account of Cuomo’s fall Politico


The Supreme Court spent its last term rejecting the rule of law Vox (furry)

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies by Clarence Thomas New Yorker

The Supreme Court dealt a terrible blow to the health of children New York Times

No constitutional right to dine New Republic


Highland Park suspect’s father says he didn’t regret helping son get guns Vice

State Police

New Arizona law bans filming within 8 feet of police Axios

Guillotine clock

Read Elon Musk’s Twitter tweet about canceling his $44 billion takeover deal Business Insider (Kevin W.)

Elon Musk, King of nonsense Atlantic Ocean

As Musk looks to pull out of deal, Twitter faces ‘worst-case scenario’ Washington Post (furry)

How the bizarre Twitter takeover saga by Elon could have been just a front for him to sell $8.5 billion worth of Tesla shares Luck

Supply chain / inflation

Peak inflation? Why do some prices drop so fast? Globe and mail


The era of the financial bubble completes the circle Matt Taibbi (ctlieee)

Bill to Give Crypto Firms Access to Federal Reserve Experts on Alarms Washington Post

Senior Fed Official Warns of ‘Serious Vulnerabilities’ in Crypto Industry Financial Times

Crypto Rout pumps out some Web3 startups backed by digital token adoption Wall Street Journal

Wages increased by 372,000 in June, more than expected CNBC
Has this led to better care? More economical care? More access to care?

— James D. Geiger (@JamesDGeiger) July 8, 2022

“> Did it lead to better care? More economical care? More access to care?

James D. Geiger

Antidote of the Day (Tracey X):

This is Mr. Allen’s Hummingbird, who was with his wife, fluttering around this bush at the South Coast Botanical Garden in Rancho Palos Verdes, California (April 18, 2022).

And bonus (dk):

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