Luxurious NFT Art Markets: Super Rare

SuperRare and Gucci are releasing a collaboration titled The Next 100 Years of Gucci, which celebrates the successful history of the luxury fashion house. The art platform will launch Vault Art Space, featuring 10 NFT artists who have designed pieces that celebrate Gucci’s influence on the fashion industry and tease his next creative endeavors. The list of artists includes names such as Alexis Christodoulou, Aliendope, Dibercato, Drew Young and more.

Gucci will also join the SuperRare DAO, which is controlled by $RARE tokens. Token holders can advocate for new upgrades and will soon be able to explore independent “Spaces” featuring different artists. The Next 100 Years of Gucci kicks off July 7 and will be auctioned on the Vault website.

Image Credit: Jordan Schiffer