Review: Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro True Wireless Headphones Take it to the Next Level

The new Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro in-ear headphones are recommended by 20 Grammy Award-winning audio producers. But do they live up to the ad?

There is a lot of hype around the new Liberty 3 Pro headphones.

I was intrigued when Anker Innovation’s Soundcore offered to send me a pair of True Wireless headphones, described as “amazing sounding” and “one of the best wireless headphones,” for review.

Big technology in a small space

Good things come in small packages. This is certainly true of this last sentence.

The older models – Liberty 2 Pro and Air 2 Pro have already received high praise, but the Liberty 3 Pro headphones have risen one step higher.

One of the major improvements of the Liberty 3 Pro is the 10.6mm coaxial dual driver technology and custom active noise cancellation.

You can listen for up to eight hours on a single charge and up to 32 hours with the case.

The earbuds quickly charge in just 15 minutes for three hours of listening time using both the USB-C cable and wireless charging.

Six microphones support calls with AI-uplink for noise cancellation, and multipoint connection is also available (allowing you to connect to multiple devices at the same time).

There’s also 3D surround sound and IPX4 waterproofing that protects the headphones from splashes.

There are a bunch of different types of liquid silicone ear tips included, allowing the ear tips to fit into almost any size ear canal.

The design is also very attractive. The headphones come in four colors: Hazy Grey, Midnight Black, Frost White and Dark Purple.

Sound for your ears

Another interesting feature of the Liberty 3 Pro is the way the headphones are set up.

Soundcore says that with the help of HearID Sound technology, the headphones analyze how you hear music and create a profile specifically for your ears. You can also apply HearID Sound to your equalizer settings for even more personalization. And to hear sound in “3D”, Soundcore uses a surround sound algorithm to process audio data in real time to optimize the audio elements.

My take on the Liberty 3 Pro 3

I included the Liberty 3 Pro headphones in my standard listening routine – Dan Karlin Aug 20 ’11 at 10:03 Hardcore History on the morning train to work, last League of Legends LCK match on Twitch on the way home and 3Blue1Brown YouTube before bed.

Dan Carlin’s distinctive voice was even more amazing than usual when using the Liberty 3 Pro. There was a huge difference from the cheap wired headphones I used before.

The high tone of LCK commentator Brendan “Valdez” Valdez was in vivid clarity as I listened to T1 destroy Fredit BRION at the internal Korean LOL contest.

For those in the know, Grant Sanderson’s sweet tones from math YouTube channel 3Blue1Brown are always a pleasure to listen to. But the Liberty 3 Pro gave his timbre an extra quality.

Noise canceling proved particularly useful one morning when a fellow passenger on the train began to snore from what was, frankly, socially unacceptable noise levels.

Headphones take precedence over some over-ear headphones, which I find sometimes make me focus on the volume of every breath and step I take.

Soundcore says it has a built-in air pressure release to allow air to pass freely in and out of the anterior chamber to relieve pressure in the ears, which I think has helped a lot.

These headphones take listening to a new level – the development of technology in this area is out of control.

The excitement is definitely well-deserved.

The Liberty 3 Pro headphones are definitely my purchase.

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