Sydney house collapsed due to flooding

One image shows the destruction caused by a major landslide in an area devastated by flood waters and natural disasters.

A house on the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales was hit by a landslide.

The incident took place in the Richmond Lowlands in northwest Sydney around noon, an SES spokeswoman said.

There was no one in the house and there were no reports of casualties.

“It was a landslide because the river bank collapsed,” a spokeswoman said.

“One house, in which at that time there was no one, partially collapsed under a landslide.

“The task of the SES was to secure the area and barricade it.”

Emergencies New South Wales has responded to more than 9,258 requests for assistance, including 463 flood rescues, since the floods began two weeks ago.

Over the past few days, the agency’s damage assessment teams have completed 7,234 assessments in the Hunter and Hawkesbury areas.

The Met Office said Sunday that flooding on the Hawkesbury River has eased and there are no more minor floods.

This is due to the fact that a cold front is expected to develop in New South Wales on Tuesday with frost approaching.

The weather bureau warned that rain and wind could intensify in eastern New South Wales on Wednesday.

Residents are urged to watch the forecasts and exercise caution in these areas, as waterlogged soil could cause trees to fall more easily, which could affect roads and traffic.

Originally published as House on the Hawkesbury River in Sydney collapsed due to flooding