Tom Cruise celebrates 60 years at the F1 British Grand Prix

HOLLYWOOD Superstar Tom Cruise celebrated his 60th birthday at the F1 British Grand Prix this past weekend.

Cruz, whose birthday falls on July 3rd, was joined by other VIPs such as Geri Halliwell, Gordon Ramsay and Lewis Hamilton for what was itself supposed to be the 75th anniversary of the F1 race and served as the tenth round of the race. . 2022 Formula 1 World Championship season.

In the VIP area of ​​the event in Northampton, England, Cruz was all smiles. Dressed in a blue polo shirt and iconic aviator sunglasses, the actor was one of the first to congratulate F1 driver Hamilton after he finished third in the race.

Cruz was later interviewed by Martin Brundle of Sky Sports. When asked who he supports, Cruz said: “Lewis always. He is my great friend. I hope he has a great day.”

Cruz and Hamilton later hugged at the Silverstone circuit and the 37-year-old formula driver could be heard wishing Cruz a happy birthday.

Two days before his appearance at the race, Cruz was spotted at several other events in London. He kicked off his birthday celebration by watching Adele in concert at the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park with fellow celebrities Luke Evans, Natalie Portman and Idris Elba.

Cruz has reasons to celebrate other than his birthday. His latest film, arms: Maverick, was a huge success. The film recently passed the US$1 billion (RM4.41 billion) mark at the worldwide box office.

Success Best shooter The sequel is edgier, as Cruz initially refused to do so. However, after managing to convince Cruise to agree, Paramount confirmed a sequel was in production in 2010, with director Joseph Kosinski finally bringing the film to life 12 years later.

Top Shooter: Maverick is Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing picture, dethroning the previous highest-grossing movie in 2022.

Following the film’s success, Cruise tweeted, “To all films at the box office, to all studios and to all exhibitors: Congratulations.

To Viewers: Thank you for taking the risk and letting us entertain you. See you at the cinema. “