Weather in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria: Frost likely from Gippsland to Charters Towers.

Massive frosts are expected to hit three states this week, and snow may even fall on the northern highlands of New South Wales.

Widespread frost is expected to spread north from Gippsland in Victoria to Charters Towers in Queensland this week.

A Bureau of Meteorology frost forecast shows much of eastern Australia covered in frost on Friday morning.

This happens after a cold start to the week.

The coldest temperature recorded in Queensland was -3.9°C in the rural town of Roma.

On Monday morning, the Perisher Valley in New South Wales was frosty -9.7 degrees Celsius.

“I believe it was the coldest place in Australia this year.” Sky Weather metrologist Rob Sharp said.

Tasmania, Victoria and the New South Wales Alps could expect snow on Tuesday, with snow likely to spread further north on Wednesday – even into the Northern Tablelands.

“Up to about 1000m, we have a chance of seeing snow with this event all the way to northern New South Wales, but we expect snow to fall only in places where it is rarely seen,” Mr Sharp said.

Bureau of Meteorology senior meteorologist Harry Clarke said Thursday and Friday looked set to be the coldest days of the week in Queensland due to widespread frost.

“Minimum and maximum temperatures in Queensland will be around 3-5°C below the July average,” he said. Express Mail.

Brisbane is forecast to hit 7°C on Thursday and 8°C on Friday, with daytime temperatures reaching 20°C.

The coldest mornings in Sydney are likely to be Friday (7°C) and Saturday (6°C), with mercury rising to 17°C during the day.

The coldest morning in Canberra is expected on Friday at -3C (maximum 12C). The same is true in Melbourne at level 6C (top 14C).

Hobart will see its coldest Thursday morning with a low of 3C and a high of 13C. Friday is not much warmer, with a low of 4C and a high of 13C again.

Adelaide is forecast to start the day at 6 degrees on Thursday and 7 degrees on Friday. Daytime temperatures are expected to reach 15 degrees on both days.

In Perth, the coldest day of the week will be Tuesday with a minimum temperature of 6°C and a maximum temperature of 19°C.

In Darwin, the temperature will drop to 15°C on Tuesday and Thursday, but will reach 29°C in the afternoon.

In terms of rain, Sky Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne explained that heavy rainfall across South Australia on Monday will be shifted eastward on Tuesday.

Another trough and a gust of southwesterly winds will bring another round of rainy weather, she said.

Showers hitting the slopes and plains of New South Wales will reach the coast late Tuesday evening.

“Wet weather will tend to be patchy, but expect to be cloudy and quite dreary for most of the day,” Ms Osborne said.

In southeast Queensland, showers from high level swells on Tuesday will be forced out to sea by early Wednesday morning.

Originally published as Severe frosts are likely in eastern Australia, extending for 2200 km