Women say they were drugged at summer convention of Germany’s ruling party

The 21-year-old woman felt “ill and dizzy” Wednesday night after eating and drinking at a party, according to a police report. Without remembering the events of the previous day, the woman was examined at the hospital and filed a complaint with the Berlin police.

On Monday, police told CNN that a toxic substance had been found in the patient’s blood, which would explain her symptoms and amnesia.

“The task force initiated an investigation procedure in connection with dangerous bodily harm from an unknown person and ordered the collection of blood, which was still being produced at the hospital, for toxicological analysis,” the police said in a statement. Four other cases were reported to the Criminal Investigation Department. An SPD spokesman told CNN that the number of reported cases had risen to nine.

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“We call on victims who have been attacked to come forward with accusations,” an SPD spokesman told CNN on Monday. “From the very beginning, we have supported the police to the best of our ability to ensure that this horrific incident is resolved,” he added.

The director of the SPD parliamentary group, Katja Mast, tweeted on Saturday: “We are all shocked by this incredible event and will do everything in our power to clarify the situation.” She also advised all victims to report it to the police.

Approximately 1,000 guests attended the annual summer party, which took place next to the Chancery in Berlin. According to an SPD spokesman, German Chancellor Scholz was among the guests as a member of the party. The group was about half its normal size due to Covid precautions and consisted mostly of internal SPD members, a party spokeswoman told CNN.