Cardi B accuses Shade Room of ‘gaslighting’ in hot online feud

Cardi B found herself in the middle of an online battle with gossip site The Shade Room.

The digital spat flared up when the site posted a video of Cardi and Offset’s daughter, Kultura.

According to the source, the publication snagged a video of Kultura holding a wad of cash after her father initially posted the clips to his Instagram stories in honor of the child’s fourth birthday this weekend. Newsweek.

While much of the confusing exchange has mostly been removed, many fans watched the battle unfold in real time as Cardi ripped the output online.

Cardi, who performed in the UK at the Wireless Festival before the conflict broke out, asked the publication in the comments section to remove the post.

In several of the now-deleted tweets, Cardi accused The Shade Room of only posting negative stories about her and blocking her ability to comment on her posts and send direct messages.

The outspoken rapper took to Twitter to share her hidden feelings about the publication’s past posts.

“Because it’s my business… well, you only post negative content about me, cool, whatever. blocked me from commenting on their page, ok cool,” Cardi wrote in a deleted tweet. “But please don’t spit my baby out on any bullshit… I don’t want to get old, just leave me alone.”

Claiming that the publication will “only post negative content” about her, TSR reportedly responded by pointing to previous posts that it claimed were examples of positive coverage.

“So now you guys want to gaslight me,” Cardi said in the follow-up video, which can be seen below. “And if you guys aren’t doing dark shit on purpose, why would you cut me off from commenting? And then you guys post certain things – certain things – positive things about me so that you can constantly post negative things about me, which you don’t do to other artists.”

“What is the phone number of the lawyer you used in your libel case because we are trying to see something,” the site responded, referring to Cardi’s recent $4 million court ruling against blogger Tasha K. “This is the only negative content the one you are referring to? to?”

Cardi revealed that she tried to comment on a post about Kulture to ask TSR to take down the video after seeing hateful fan comments about her daughter.

When she asked for the video to be taken down, she claimed she had been blocked and accused TSR of preventing her from commenting on her posts.

“I texted you guys, but of course you ignore me and that’s why I had to do it publicly,” she said. “Apparently you guys have banned me from commenting on your page. That’s why when I comment no one can see my comment and I actually have screenshots of it and that’s why I posted it. So now you guys want to gaslight me. And if you guys aren’t doing dark stuff on purpose, why cut me off from commenting? Then you guys post certain positive things about me so that you can consistently post negative things about me that you don’t do to other artists.”

After further contacting the site, Cardi posted an emotional message asking TSR to “take it easy” with her.

“I am human and I have feelings. I’m not crazy, I’m not the ghetto person, I’m not the person who tries to make up narratives about me,” she said. “You guys obviously know what you’re doing; if it wasn’t for you, you wouldn’t have drowned me out. But it’s my business, take it easy on me. I am also human and I try to protect my best, my mental health. It’s too much. We could DM about it, but it’s obvious that you guys are ignoring me, so now we have to do it this way.”

The Shade Room also reportedly denied limiting Cardi’s comments on Instagram, claiming that she had recently asked them to release information about her family during a phone call.

After public discussions, both parties agreed to take the conversation offline.

“You know what, let’s deal with this like adults.” – Cardi. tweeted on Sunday evening, offering to make a phone call to solve their problems, to which TSR is obliged.

Both Cardi and The Shade Room removed all tweets from the public controversy.

On Monday, the publication tweeted that the parties had reconciled after talking with the artist.

“Just spoke to @iamcardib and we were able to come to a decision,” TSR told his followers on his official Twitter account. “We put an end to this issue and move on. Cardi, we wish you all the best and continued success. I’m glad we found a way to move forward in a peaceful way. What happened before was bad, but the way it ended is good.”

HuffPost has reached out to TSR for further comment.