Experts Discuss Whether Angels Should Trade Shohei Otani

Angels fell short of expectations in the three years they had Shohei Otani, Mike Trout as well as Anthony Rendon everything is under contract. Since May 25, the team has the worst record in baseball, 11-31. On Monday, the Angels were seven games behind in the American League wild card race and 19 games behind the top spot in the AL West.

It’s fair to ask if the Angels would consider trading Otani — the current AL MVP who is in the midst of another MVP-level season — prior to the August Major League Baseball tournament. 2 trading term.

The Angels did not comment on any specific players, but others in the industry shared their thoughts on the future of the two-sided star.

“I think you should [consider taking calls on Ohtani]Said Billy Blitzer, former longtime scout for the Chicago Cubs, who pointed to the Angels’ losing record despite having Trout and Otani. Blitzer said the cost of potential bids will influence the decision whether to try to keep Otani.

“If I’m in their place, I should get a call from another team that I studied inside and out, and I know this team as well as I know the team I don’t work for,” one of them said. said the former general manager of the National League. “And they should have made me an offer on Ohtani that I can’t hang up. You’ll have to give me $2 for $1.”

Another former MLB executive who previously worked with GM Angelov Perry Minasyan when the two were with the Toronto Blue Jays, explained that because Otani is so unique, his true trading value is unknown.

“Perry has one of the greatest players in the game,” said Dan Evans, a former Dodgers GM, who is now chief operating officer at the Field of Dreams site in Dyersville, Iowa. “At a trade deadline or in any trading situation, it’s almost like acquiring two players.

“We have never seen anything like it in a trading deadline or in the market at any time in the modern era. So there is nothing to refer to in terms of past precedent. No one really knows the cost.”

Shohei Otani wears a dugout cowboy hat while celebrating a solo home run during a loss to the Baltimore Orioles.

Shohei Otani wears a cowboy hat in a dugout as he celebrates a solo home run during a loss to the Baltimore Orioles on Friday.

(Julio Cortez/Associated Press)

On the other hand, any team looking to add someone like Otani to help solidify their playoff journey also needs some reassurance, one former scout said.

“If I’m the team acquiring him, if I’m giving away prospects or players from my major league club, it should be a sign and trade deal,” Blitzer said. “I want to make sure he becomes part of my future. He will be the cornerstone of my team.”

Take the Atlanta Braves’ off-season deal for Marc Teixeira of the Texas Rangers in 2007 as an example of why the team would like to make sure a mid-summer acquisition lasts longer than half a season.

Angel-appointed forward Shohei Otani walks to the dugout after hitting the Baltimore Orioles.

Angel-nominated forward Shohei Otani heads to the dugout after landing a hit on the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday.

(Julio Cortez/Associated Press)

Teixeira was sent to the Braves in exchange for a group of players that included shortstop Elvis Andrus, closer Neftali Feliz and starting pitcher Matt Harrison. Teixeira played 54 games in 2007 and 103 games in 2008 for the Braves before being sent to the Angels as a loan player.

A trade for Otani could help the Angels rebuild in the future, but moving him before he becomes a free agent will be the organization’s decision, not just Minasian’s. It’s highly unlikely that team owner Arte Moreno would have approved of a trade involving Otani, even if Minasyan had recommended it.

We’ll find out soon if the Angels plan to be buyers or sellers this year.