Fury of the surf: shocking footage of a sea fight on the Gold Coast

A disturbing video of a violent brawl at sea has sparked controversy as people wonder who is to blame for the fight.

Raging waves engulfing one of the Gold Coast’s most popular surf beaches weren’t the only thing that caught the attention of surfers yesterday, after a surf fury incident between two beachgoers ended in a storm.

Disturbing footage published by a surf magazine 18 secondsshows a young bodyboarder being hit several times by an older surfer, seemingly miles from the coastline.

The unexpected altercation, which reportedly took place at the Gold Coast Superbank in Snapper Rocks, unfolded after both beachgoers entered the same wave.

They were both destroyed in a barrel before resurfacing in a violent confrontation.

The spectators quickly separated the couple after the experienced surfer hit the bodyboarder several times in the head.

One bystander can be heard screaming, “He’s a kid, dude,” while the surfer throws his hands in the air in desperation before the video ends.

“Today there are some pumping waves. Dust too, 18 seconds signed along with the video on Facebook. “We do not condone violence. It’s never the answer.”

Within 24 hours of posting, the video had garnered four thousand views and over 65 comments as debate flared over who was responsible for the brutal attack.

“Kicking a kid over the head multiple times because they fall on you in a three-foot wave is weakness and embarrassment at best,” one Facebook user commented in defense of the bodyboarder.

“Grim did the wrong thing, but instead they could have just yelled at him,” said another.

Others said they would have filed “assault charges” against the surfer, saying he was at fault for taking a wave from a bodyboarder.

“The heroic boardrider literally knocked the kid off. It wasn’t his wave to begin with,” said one concerned viewer.

Meanwhile, others accused the bodyboarder of “vacuuming” as it didn’t respect the surfer’s space.

“The door mats fall on purpose, thinking they can take you away from the wave, they really take risks, but sometimes there is a price to pay,” reads one comment.

“The fall has consequences. That’s why the GC is a cesspool,” said another Sydneysider.

Some viewers even had recommendations on how they could best handle the situation.

“You could just dip the baby instead of hitting him with a belt,” said one person.

“A good old verbal barrage would be enough. Even if the lid was chattering,” said another.

Queensland Police told news.com.au that there were no reports of the incident.

It’s not uncommon to encounter the fury of surfing during a crowded tourist break that offers some of the longest waves in the world.

In 2014 Gold Coast surfer. Mark Morlock nearly lost his sight after he ran into a surfer he had accidentally cut off a wave five months earlier.

“I heard a voice behind me: “Hi, you,” I turned around, and he said: “Do you remember me?” Morlock said. Bulletin of the Gold Coast.

The angry surfer then crashed his board into Mr. Morlock’s face in a cowardly attack that severely damaged his eye.

“Within six seconds of making his presence known, he did this terrible trick that only a surfer knows, but I thought it would never happen to me. It was the most cruel and cowardly thing I have ever seen,” Mr. Morlock said.

Despite the scale of the attack, Mr. Morlock did not press charges.

Originally published as Disturbing footage shows a young bodyboarder brutally punching an experienced surfer at a popular beach.