How deep is our love for Prime Day?

It and similar summer days of shopping in large stores have taken a firm place in the shopping calendar along with Black Friday. However, analysts say the average order size on Prime Day has decreased from a few years earlier, and sales growth has slowed. Given that Americans are worried about inflation, this might not be the right time to convince people to buy things for no good reason.

It’s not easy to spot a buying spree until it’s over. But there are a couple of hints.

First, if the company spends a lot of money on promotions or advertising to get our attention. Wish was the top advertiser on Facebook and Instagram for a while. Groupon’s marketing budget was so large that the company argued with regulators over an accounting figure that made the company’s spending less ugly.

No wonder a company that spends a lot of money to get our attention will have it, at least for a while. But when our interest wanes with the presentations, it’s a sign that it was just a whim.

Second, it’s tempting to believe that a smart idea in one area of ​​shopping can apply to everyone else.

This was smart innovation sell directly to customers goods that are inconvenient to buy in the usual way, such as razors, mattresses and glasses. But when companies started selling cheese puffs as well as leggings Thus, skipping the store has gone too far.

Some novelties have taken root, or at least left an indelible mark. Kodali cited Etsy, a handicrafts website, as a relatively new and established shopping habit, along with online furniture retailer Wayfair. Even if Wish never becomes an e-commerce superstar like its backers once imaginedit, amazon and shane, fashion app over the past couple of years have proven attractive selling goods directly from Chinese factories.

I won’t try to predict what the next online shopping fad might be, but it will be. People are more willing to take risks by buying from a company we’ve never heard of. The flip side is that there is so much on the web that it’s hardly NEW! NOVEL! feels convincing for a very long time.