LIV Rebel Ostwizen Chases Major 2 at St Andrews Open

Louis Ousthuizen’s chances of winning the 150th tournament are rated at Open championship at the old St. Andrews course this week. Normally, for someone who won there in 2010 and finished second in the playoffs in 2015, that would look like a pretty good bet.

Times have changed for the South African star, though: despite being a good bet in any major tournament over the past five years, his record in 2022 looks fuzzy at best. Have dropped out of the Masters due to injuryshared 60th in the PGA Championship and did not qualify for the US Open. And this is just a year before 2021, when he turned in the Masters, second in the PGA Championship and US Open, and third in the Open.

His miss at the US Open may not have come as much of a surprise as it followed the launch LIV Golf, to which Oosthuizen moved. He now seems to be comfortable in the bed he made for himself there, and is largely immune to the controversy and battles that rage around this breakaway and that will continue to rage for some time yet.

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“For me, it was a milestone in my career, it was probably my last year on the PGA Tour.” Osthuizen said. “I always said that when I get to 40, I want to do something other than golf in my life. I wanted to try something else. I mean everyone knows that I love being on the farm, being outside and doing different things.

“So, I’m almost done, and this opportunity has come where, as you know, I can do this for four years and spend more time with my family after that. I can do what I want. So I made a decision.

“It was a decision between me and my wife about what was best for where I was right now, and I’m going to take it and play it. And yes, I am a professional golfer. It’s a decent amount of money we’re going to be playing with, so why not?”

Oosthuizen Open Odds

While his playing schedule has been greatly reduced, Ousthuisen finished eighth in the BMW International Open on the DP World Tour at the end of June, showing enough form to suggest he will be in good shape when he starts his Open campaign on Thursday at of course, where he looks more relaxed than anywhere else in the world.

While the R&A Celebration of Champions isn’t a reliable indicator, Osthuizen looked in great shape and very calm as he helped the team of Nick Faldo, Zack Johnson and John Daley to victory in Monday’s fun show. In particular, his birdie is 18th looked impressive, with a superb chip from a good drive that lifted it two feet off the pin. He also scored first.

Location, his record at St. Andrews and majors in general, and his personal values ​​in the game of golf all combine to make him a realistic option when it comes to picking this week’s winner: “You’ll always have your major championships.” and their big events, which is incredible,” he said. “Nothing can take away my victory in the open championship, and I almost won the Masters in 2012. These are the tournaments I grew up with and played for.”

It could be one more time this week for the man who is still South Africa’s best player.