Optical illusion: can you find the ring?

The visual treasure hunt invites viewers to “find a lost diamond ring in this garden.”

Puzzle lovers strain their eyes as they try to figure out this optical illusion in which the goal is to find a gem hidden in a farm.

The visual treasure hunt, originally published in Reader’s Digest by jeweler William May, invites viewers to “find a lost diamond ring in this garden.” New York Post reports.

This task seems especially challenging because, at first glance, the colorful illustration depicts a pastoral farm scene with carrots, several rabbits, flowers, and a wheelbarrow that does not seem to have a diamond on it.

Still can’t find a sparkler? Keep scrolling to see the big opening.

Luckily, Mei gives some helpful tips on how to find carats among carrots.

“Note: This puzzle is not to scale,” he wrote, adding that “the band of the ring is yellow and it has a good-sized white diamond.”

Still can’t find a diamond in the roughage? Don’t worry, Mei includes the spoiler image below, which shows a tiny jeweled ribbon wrapped around one of the carrots between the wheelbarrow and the last sunflower on the right.

This story originally appeared on New York Post and reproduced with permission.

Originally published as Can you find the lost ring in the garden?