Plant City author writes best-selling book about ‘stocky’ cats

LAKELAND, Florida. – Victoria J. Saunders is very fond of “gnarled”, “fluffy” and “grouchy” cats.

In fact, the Plant City author and digital artist loves plus-size colorful kittens so much that she wrote and illustrated a best-selling hardcover book about them.

No. 1 cat book on Amazon lately. “Chunky alphabet” this is her love letter(s) to meaty cats, especially her own cat Mishka, who is a certified “squad”.

Don’t know what a “unit” is? Just open this fancy alphabet.

“You are for the Unit,” Saunders said. who goes by her married name Vicky Smood on Instagram. “Use it in a sentence: ‘This cat is an absolute unit.’ That means it’s just a big old cat!”

Saunders said that “Mishka’s veterinarian described her as a potato. So I figured it was the threshold to turn her into chunks.”

“Chunky” is part of the secret online language of chubby pet owners. That’s where Saunders found comfort and smiles a few years ago when she was fired from her job as – wait – a CT scan technician in Lakeland.

“I liked to continue [chonky cat sites]she laughs. “I loved the community and everyone was so positive.”

Therefore, to cheer herself up, she began to combine trite words with trite illustrations.

And everything else is a banal story.

In the book, the Z stands for “Zoomies” (meaning cats that run at incredible speeds), which Saunders had in human form when she discovered that the hit “The Chonky Alphabet” No. 1 for cat books on Amazon.

“Oh, when I found out, I definitely had Zoomies,” she said. “But Mishka looked annoyed at me.”

Saunders to sign “The Chonky Alphabet” for drunken bookworm in Plant City on August 6 from 2 pm to 4 pm The event is pet-friendly (of course).