Real-time updates: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Ukrainian campaign to attack Russian supply lines and ammunition depots far behind the front lines continued this weekend, with Ukrainian officials reporting yet another long-range strike against Russian military positions in the southern Kherson region.

The deputy of the Kherson regional council, Serhiy Khlan, said on Sunday that there had been a “precise hit” on the military unit of the occupiers on Pestel Street in Kherson.

According to Hlan, on Sunday morning the object was hit twice.

Images and geolocated video from Kherson showed a thick plume of gray smoke rising into the air on Sunday morning.

“Eyewitnesses report Russians screaming under the rubble. The occupiers fire into the air when someone tries to get close,” Khlan told Ukrainian television.
“Thanks to modern Western weapons, Russian air defense systems cannot intercept artillery. [fire]. “

Hlan also talked about the difficulty for civilians trying to leave the region.

“As for the evacuation from the Kherson region, there is no humanitarian corridor. People leave at their own risk through Vasilievka towards Zaporozhye, the queue of cars can last one to two weeks,” Hlan said.

“The occupiers demand money for leaving, or even take away personal belongings from our people. If you leave for Crimea, there is a risk of getting into filtration camps.”

There are unconfirmed reports that hundreds of Kherson residents moved to the Crimea and then passed through Russia or Turkey.

What happened? Sunday’s attack followed a series of explosions near the airport in Kherson on Saturday and at an ammunition storage site in the Donetsk region.

The official Russian news agency TASS reported four explosions in the sky over Kherson, which it said were caused by Russian air defense systems.

According to TASS, its correspondent in Kherson reported smoke on Perekopskaya Street in the city center.

“Leave Kherson”: Earlier on Friday, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk called on residents of the Kherson region to evacuate.

“I urge you to evacuate as quickly as possible, by all means. Don’t wait,” Vereshchuk said.
“People should look for an opportunity to leave, because our Armed Forces will de-occupy. There will be huge battles,” she said.

She warned residents that the Russians could use them as human shields, and that it was dangerous to be in the occupied areas of Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

Member of the Russian parliament Oleksandr Khinshtein denied Ukraine’s claims about the attack.

“Ukrainian sources are happy to replicate a fake about a rocket attack on a Russian guard base in Kherson,” he wrote on Telegram. “The missile hit a 4-storey building, where one of the support units of the National Guard used to be. The day before, she was relocated to another place.

Images geolocated by CNN show the badly damaged building in the center of Kherson, but it’s not clear if it was occupied at the time of the impact.

Ukrainian military intelligence said on Monday it had intercepted a conversation between Russian soldiers in which one of them said that Ukrainian forces “hit the most important command. They hit hard as hell.” The soldier said 12 people were killed in the strike.

CNN cannot verify the authenticity of the call.