Swimsuit Fashion Metaverse Experience: Ema Savahl Couture

Ema Savahl Couture will present a new swimwear collection at the SLS Hotel South Beach on Wednesday, July 13 at 7:30 pm. The new Metaverse virtual fashion swimsuit will feature 36 new looks from Ema Savahl Couture and the corresponding NFT collection. Ticket sales and auction proceeds at the show’s opening will benefit The Little Lighthouse Foundation. The new series pays homage to the “goddess’ love of nature” and boasts high-quality, hand-painted artwork.

Ema commented on the use of technology and its impact on spirituality. She stated: “We are moving into a digital world that reflects our reality. When we use technology to manipulate our lives, we must be aware that we must not stray too far from our true human nature of love, compassion and friendship. The collection is dedicated to the healthy way we use technology to respect, enhance and beautify our humanity.”

Image Credit: Aima Saval Couture