The Chiefs continue to search for a striker as several contenders face trial.

The Kaiser Chiefs need to sign two strikers and their team will be fairly balanced. But the Naturena team struggled to find the perfect match as local football is notorious for its lack of deadly strikers.

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Amahoshi signed Ashley Du Pree only after they released Samir Nurkovic and Leonardo Castro. It was felt that the duo did not fit the style they wanted to play in the future.

But finding a more suitable replacement has proven to be a difficult task for the Soweto giants. It looked promising at first with Cameroonian Frank Mbella Etouga proposed by him.

But with interest in the 22-year-old who was Ghana’s Premier League top scorer also showing in Europe, it’s unlikely he’ll join the Chiefs.

In the meantime, it was revealed that the Chiefs had taken their search back home, where several local strikers were put on trial along with Amahoshi.

One of them is Wade Lekai, formerly of TS Galaxy. Two seasons ago, the lanky 25-year-old showed promise at Stienberg United, which attracted the Rockets.

But while there were signs that he could develop into a big hitter, he failed to make an impact with the Galaxy and has since been released.

The source claims that there are a few more players from outside the country, but the club is keeping them under wraps.

“Now they have a few strikers in the camp, but it was difficult to find their names.

“They are confident that they will find their people by the start of the season. And if they take from those that are in the camp, then it will be beneficial, because they would already have a pre-season with the team, ”said the source.

According to various other news sources, Bonfils-Caleb Bimenimana and Musa Kamara are also in camp with the Chiefs for a closer look.

Much is expected from the Chiefs this season as they promised a new dawn under new coach Artur Zvane. The Amahoshi have not made much progress in the past seven years.