Bru McCoy drops USC lawsuit ahead of Tennessee launch

Bru McCoy has dropped a lawsuit challenging a 2021 emergency order that saw him removed from the USC campus days after being arrested for severe domestic abuse involving an ex-girlfriend.

McCoy, a talented wide receiver from Santa Ana Mater Dei, moved to Tennessee in May. He played for USC as a freshman in 2020 but missed 2021 because he was banned from campus.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff closed the case on Tuesday, four days after McCoy filed a lawsuit.

McCoy filed the lawsuit in August, saying the university had no evidence to support his claim that McCoy posed an imminent threat to the physical health or safety of anyone and that his indefinite suspension was not supported by the facts of the case.

USC kept the suspension in place through the 2021 season, though Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Declines to File Charges in August, citing insufficient evidence in what he called “he said, she said about domestic violence.”

McCoy and his accuser met in high school and have been seeing each other periodically ever since. The incident that led to his arrest for domestic violence took place in his off-campus apartment on July 24, 2021.

in woman’s application for a temporary restraining order v. McCoy last August, she wrote that McCoy “kicked and punched me in the ribs several times, strangled my neck, then headbutted my nose, breaking it, spat in my face several times, pinned me to the ground, and used my hands to make me hit myself in the face and head.”

The attack, she said, resulted in a broken nose, muscle spasms, an unconscious concussion, pleurodynia, bruising of the right hand, chronic pansinusitis, head trauma, pain in the ribs and bruising of the posterior chest wall, as well as bruises and scratches.

McCoy denied her allegations, and his lawyers described her in a November lawsuit as “a threatening, unpredictable and violent person who does not respect Mr. McCoy.” Desires or McCoy’s Limits”.

USC filed a Title IX complaint against McCoy but dropped it after a woman who was not a USC student refused to attend the hearing and give the school access to her medical records.

McCoy was the top recruit in the country in high school and entered USC in the spring of 2019. He moved to Texas after Trojans offensive coordinator Cliff Kingsbury left to become head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. McCoy returned to USC a few months later and changed to a redshirt for the 2019 season after suffered a long mysterious illness.

He made his 2020 debut with 21 receptions for 236 yards and two touchdowns in six games of his shortened season due to the coronavirus pandemic. His debut came in a 28–27 return win over Arizona State in which he caught a touchdown pass from a teammate in the final minutes and then deflected a side kick that resulted in the game-winning goal.