Deputy MB criticized for saying: “It makes no sense to widen the roads as they are only used once a year”

RECENTLYKelantan Deputy MP Datuk Mohd Amar Nick Abdullah made headlines after saying there was no point in widening the roads as “they are only used once a year.”

He made the comment in response to reporters who asked him about the state government’s plans to deal with the unusual traffic congestion that occurs every season in Raya.

“So we have to go through with it. It’s not like it happens often,” he said, reportedly adding that the roads are only used once a year.

The recording of his response went viral, with social media users expressing their surprise and outrage at his comments.

One user highlighted a particular road in Kelantan that is often congested during the Rai season. “On normal days it takes 45 minutes, but during Paradise it can take 5 to 6 hours.”

“It is not that it is used only during Paradise. Roads are a necessity for us. Having good roads will boost the economy. If you want to justify yourself, at least speak smarter, ”said another user of the social network.