Free-To-Mint NFT Projects: Human Toys

Warner Records is partnering with Bose to join the Web3 space dedicated to the creation of a new NFT project dubbed “Stickmen Toys”. The collection includes 5,000 audiovisual tokens that give consumers access to exclusive real-life benefits such as live performances, figurines, streetwear and priority access to future Warner Records endeavors. Warner Records will provide secondary sales to the artist to establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

NFT “Stickmen Toys” uses an algorithmic randomizer that creates characters from unique audio tracks. Each NFT also features a 30 second audio track created by The Stickmen Project.

Seb Simone, vice president of audience and strategy for Warner Records, believes NFTs offer “a powerful expansion of the artist-fan relationship, empowering people to invest in the artist’s future success and providing them with value along the way.”

Image Credit: Stickmen Toys