State of Origin 3: Daley Cherry-Evans accuses NSW of microphone fraud

The Origin solver plunged into absolute carnage, and the pent-up Maroons frustration that the entire series was based on finally burst out.

They did it all day, ref. Or, in this case, the entire series.

After all, he could smile after a thrilling win, but Queensland captain Daly Cherry-Evans was absolutely filthy at the start of the second half of the State of Origin decider on Wednesday night. carnage erupted in one of the wildest interstate matches ever seen.

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Three players were eliminated thanks to three brutal knockouts in the opening minutes, and then both sides were down another man in the second stanza after an all-in brawl broke out.

NSW center Matt Burton and Queensland star Dane Gagai have been sent to the trash after a brawl that sparked much controversy over who was wrong. during and after the match.

Burton ran back into the defensive line after Kalin Ponga broke into the backfield and then pushed the Maroons defender to the ground after he had already passed in an attempt to keep him out of play.

Gagai saw this and ran up to Burton as both players started throwing wild mowers.

Referee Ashley Klein sent the pair to a 10-minute spell, but Cherry-Evans blew up claiming that Burton’s push was another blatant illegal attempt by the Blues to rob the Queensland players of the ball.

New South Wales were awarded a penalty for Gagai’s initial foul, costing Cherry-Evans a try after he shot himself.

The midfielder accused New South Wales of dodgy tactics and foul play throughout the series and had clearly had enough as his complaints were picked up by the referee’s microphone.

“The whole game and the whole series they took us out of the game. All series! All series!” Cherry-Evans was furious after Gagai was ordered to go.

— What did you expect?

Klein attempted to calm the skipper by saying “I’m not going to argue” before instructing Cherry-Evans to talk to his crew because what happened was “unacceptable” and “we’re not going to go through with it.” the game “.

“I will, I will, but they can’t keep doing this shit! They can’t keep doing this!”

Cherry-Evans wasn’t the only captain to complain. NSW skipper James Tedesco asked Klein why Tino Faasuamaleui was also not thrown out for sin after he broke in to trap Burton and create a two-on-one situation where Burton had no chance of defending himself.

“I don’t know if he actually threw, but I thought if he did, he should have been put in the basket too,” Tedesco said after the game.

“That’s why he said that Gagai was jailed because he threw punches, so I don’t know if Tino did it, but yeah.”

blues coach Brad Fittler was also critical of how the situation was handled..

“After all, he didn’t initiate this, Berto,” Fittler said at the post-match press conference. “He’s not going to fight anyone.

“After all, he is wearing a seat belt. He was fined. We got a penalty. Then they put him in a seatbelt and put him in a headlock, and we leave with one losing player.

“It’s a little ridiculous. But what is, is. “

Originally published as ‘Can’t Keep Doing This!’: Hot Mic Exposes Origin Captain’s Furious Cheating Accusation