State of Origin 3: Jarome Luai criticized for ‘disgusting’ taunting Queensland’s Selwyn Cobbo in decider match

NSW star Jarom Luai was criticized for his ‘dirty’ act after Queensland’s Selwyn Cobbo was knocked out in the Origin decider.

Blues star Jarome Luay has come under fire for standing over Queensland’s Selwyn Cobbo after he was knocked out in the opening stages of the state decider.

Cobbo was knocked out within the first two minutes of the game when he deflected friendly fire from Queensland teammate Patrick Carrigan on a tackle attempt.

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It was one of three incidents in the early stages where Blues star Cameron Murray and Lindsey Collins of Queensland were sent for head injury assessment (HIA) – all three were rated Category 1, excluding them from the remainder of the match.

Kobbo’s headbutt was the most brutal of all and he was left dazed lying on his back with Luai standing over him yelling at the young Maroons shooter.

This act provoked a melee as several Queensland players disapproved of Luai’s taunt.

“There’s a Queenslander at the waterfall. This is Selwyn Cobbo. Oh no, this young man, he’s at Disneyland,” commentator Mat Thompson told Channel 9.

“The intensity is amazing,” he added.

“Selwyn Cobbo, some obvious anxiety, like when there is any problem with the head or there is any problem with the head or neck area.

“All Queensland health workers are watching and asking for a stretcher.”

Fans were not impressed with Luai and criticized the Five-Eights Blues for flexing with Cobbo when he was clearly knocked out.

Lachlan McKirdy of CODE Sports tweeted, “Jarom Luai standing over Cobbo will be Origin’s defining image.”

Jacob Shields of ABC said “Poor start to Origin, but it was disgusting for Jerome Luai to stand over Cobbo flexing after being frozen to the ground, obviously knocked out…could have been seriously hurt and he flexed over him being so tough?” ? A very dirty, rude thing.”

Coaches immediately turned on Kobbo, but he was able to get back on his feet and was taken off the field in a medical vehicle with a neck brace.

Valentine Holmes opened the scoring for Queensland, but the Blues hit back with Luai and Jacob Saifiti.

Kurt Capewell committed a Blues error and scored as New South Wales led 12–10 at half-time.

This may only be his second series as a blues five-eighth, but Luai is one of the Maroons’ biggest targets after yelling over Maroons forward Felize Kaufusi. in a 50-6 rout in the first game of the 2021 series.

It was a painting that the maroons used as inspiration and although the team went on to lose the series after losing 26–0 in Game 2, they bounced back to prevent a rare whiteout in Game 3.

This will only add fuel to the fire for the next series.

Originally published as ‘Disgusting’: Jarome Luai criticized for ‘dirty’ taunt in Origin’s decisive game