Taika Waititi ruins live interview with girlfriend Rita Ora

Producer Taika Waititi decided to arrange a chaotic guest during his girlfriend Rita Oralive interview with australian morning show”Sunrise“On Tuesday.

Ora was there to promote her latest single “Barricades” and act as a coach on The Voice in Australia when the director of Thor: Love and Thunder jumped into the frame and started dancing.

“Taika, get out from under my shot,” Ora said, laughing.

After Ora asked him to come back, Waititi said, “Hi, I can’t hear you. I love Sydney.”

Then he jumped clumsily over the frame like jojo rabbit.

The couple, who have been dating for about a year and a half, went public with their romance last year. with a couple of hot photos with actress Tessa Thompson on the red carpet at the Suicide Squad premiere. There are also rumors that they recently got engaged during “simultaneous” proposals. Vanity Fair reports.

While the two haven’t confirmed their engagement, it seems – at least from the clip above – they’re as in love as two pirates are with one of Waititi’s recent projects.

In short, they are adorable.