Weather in New South Wales: Byron Bay covered in snow

Byron Bay has remained unrecognizable due to the region’s intense weather patterns.

A wild storm left Byron Bay unrecognizable after a thick layer of hail turned the streets white.

A massive hailstorm hit the coastal city on Tuesday, leaving residents stunned by the aftermath.

Many posted photos and videos of the city on social networks.

BOM meteorologist Helen Reid said the hail was created when a cold air mass from the south and a tropical air mass from the north met over Mullumbimby, north of Byron Bay.

Ms Reid said there is still a chance of thunderstorms along the coastline in the area on Wednesday and Thursday.

Temperatures in Byron Bay dropped to just 10 degrees Tuesday night amid a 33mm rainstorm in the city following recent rainy weather chaos in the state as major flood warnings were issued and cities were forced to evacuate.

The Bureau also issued a fog and frost warning Wednesday morning for both New South Wales and Queensland.

As with New South Wales, Queensland is also expected to experience unusual cold spells with widespread frosts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

“We can expect freezing temperatures over the next few days, driven by severe sub-zero temperatures in the interior of the state.” Miss Reed said.

“A trough moves from west to east, so the cold air is from the south.”

Ms Reed said the combination of cold air and strong winds is a recipe for weather “that feels colder than it is.”

‚ÄúDryness is associated with this, and the strength of the winds in total causes very bitter feelings. Really chill.”

Originally published as Weather in New South Wales: Byron Bay covered in hail