Actor Ashley Judd opposes the cancellation of Rowe’s case against the United States. Wade

American actor and humanitarian Ashley Judd reacted to the decision of the US Supreme Court. reversal of Roe v. Wadetelling CNBC that people should be free to make their own choices.

Ashley, speaking specifically about reproductive choice, said that “each person should be self-reliant in their reproductive choice, because democracy begins with our skin.”

The actress, best known for the 90s films Ruby in Paradise, Double Jeopardy and Heatwave, among others, is also a United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador and has made it clear that she speaks about the controversial decision as a private individual. . , and her comments do not represent UNFPA.

“Personally, when a man raped me in 1999, I needed an abortion. So it was important for me to have access to a legal and safe abortion,” Judd said last Thursday in an interview with CNBC’s Tanya Brier to celebrate World. Population Day.

“And I understand that people have different opinions, and what I come to is that even if a person does not feel that it is suitable for him, whatever his specific reasoning, each person should be autonomous in their reproductive choices, because democracy starts in our skin.”

Roe v. Wade, a landmark 1973 ruling that recognized women’s constitutional right to abortion in the United States, was struck down on June 24.

US President Joe Biden commented on the decision of the Supreme Court as “a sad day for the Court and for the country”. He said that Congress restoring Roe v. Wade, because federal law is the only way to ensure a woman’s right to choose.

On Friday he signed the writ of execution “ensuring access to reproductive health services, including abortion and contraception.”

Abortion rights rally in Mineola, New York after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a decision against Roe. Wade June 24, 2022

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Judd told CNBC that if she hadn’t been able to get an abortion, she would have had to give birth with the man who raped her.

“Because in many states – and people can go to RAINN.orgrape, [Abuse] & Incest National Network to see… laws in their states – rapists have paternity rights,” she said.

“So not only do we demand that children and women carry rape pregnancies, they say that you may have to become parents with the man who raped you.
That’s what reverses Roe v. Wade is also doing what the States do when they criminalize layoffs,” she added.

Family planning

As UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, Judd told CNBC that family planning is critical to the empowerment of women and girls because it prevents unwanted pregnancies and reduces the need for abortions.

Judd, whose mother was the late country music icon Naomi Judd, has been a goodwill ambassador since 2016. UNFPA is the United Nations agency for sexual and reproductive health.

In his World Population Report 2022, UNFPA stated that almost half of all pregnancies worldwide each year are unplanned. More than 60% of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion, and an estimated 45% of all abortions remain unsafe.

“My Nana had an unplanned pregnancy, my mom had an unplanned pregnancy. Unplanned pregnancies are so common… family planning is critical for girls and women to prevent these unplanned pregnancies. wants to do is something we can universally and unanimously agree on,” Judd told CNBC.

“And that’s not possible when you have an unintended pregnancy and you can’t take care of the baby you have, whether it’s through healthcare, whether it’s nutrition, whether it’s childcare, when you’re looking for a job to reach your full potential. . and be a useful member of society.”

Judd said there has been some progress, with more people getting educated and healthier outcomes.

However, she added that “women should still be able to have reproductive autonomy and choose whether and when to have children, and how to space their births, because they know better.”

“And so trusting women and their families to access family planning and make those decisions is really the key to fighting poverty around the world.”