Biden on drugs and mass incarceration

As if we need more proof that the elites are outlaws – a disgrace. Listen to the words coming out of Joe Biden’s mouth as his son weighs crack in a dirty hotel in the background. The cute “Uncle Joe” image that Obama created for this man is a lie. As a Delaware senator, Joe Biden introduced strict laws to punish drug addicts, especially those addicted to crack cocaine. He did this to target African-American communities where crack was more common due to the involvement of three-letter agencies (maybe post another time).

Biden advocated a 100 to 1 crack-to-powder ratio, where those with crack would receive 100 times more fines for carrying the same amount of cocaine powder. He is the man responsible for creating the role of “drug czar” for the US, as he advocated a hard line on crime throughout his career until he reached the White House.

Biden opened the door to the confiscation of civilian assets in Comprehensive Crime Control Act 1984, which gave the government permission to seize the assets of anyone suspected of drug trafficking. As with conspiracy, there is no real crime required.

Report of the American Civil Liberties UnionCracks in the System found that the 100 to 1 rule disproportionately targeted African Americans and contributed to mass incarceration:

“In 1986, before the enactment of federal mandatory minimum sentencing for crack cocaine offenses, the average federal drug sentence for African Americans was 11% higher than for whites. Four years later, the average federal drug sentence for African Americans was 49% higher.”

Those with minor possessions of crack cocaine, far less than anything his son bought, were sentenced to years in prison without a fair trial and were treated like criminals rather than drug addicts with physical and mental health problems. . The media wants us to sympathize with Hunter Biden for his troubled past, but no one has sympathized with the countless people locked up under the “pedo Pete” laws. Biden was also responsible for helping Bill Clinton get through Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act 1994, which encouraged the death penalty for suspected human traffickers and prohibited some people from legally owning guns. The law is best known for including the “three strikes” rule, which would see people isolated for life after three violations. Bill Clinton later apologized for the decision, but Joe Biden did not.

What changed Biden’s mind? He recently issued a denunciation of the harsh rules he has imposed and is known to take crime lightly. Well, his daughter Ashley was arrested for marijuana possession in 1998 in Louisiana. Ashley was never convicted of the crime, and her father claimed in a 2010 interview with ABC that marijuana was a drug. “I still believe it is a collar drug. I’ve spent most of my life as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee doing this. I think it would be a mistake to legalize”, then Vice President Joe Biden said. Let’s not forget that before the 2020 US presidential election, he ran campaign ads to lift any marijuana-related restrictions that “unfairly target minorities.”

Biden is one of the most hypocritical politicians in modern history. He went from fighting to destroy already ruined lives with unforgiving laws to spending US tax dollars to provide drug addicts with drugs. drug free supplies. He stopped funding police agencies at a time when the opiate epidemic was killing more young people than ever before. Under the same laws he created, he technically helped his son buy crack and should therefore be investigated, although this only scratches the surface of the crimes he committed through his son.

Hunter Biden and the entire Biden crime family are clearly above the law. Smoking crack is one of the least offensive activities found in Hunter’s laptop from hell. He will never be investigated and Biden will never regret the countless lives he ruined.