Blockchain-Based Arena Games: The Realm of Senior Guilt

Fault: Elder Orb is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) based on the blockchain. The game was developed by Strange Matter Studios and published by Pocketful of Quarters (POQ). Thanks to the unique blockchain technology that POQ offers, Fault: Elder Orb will include blockchain integration through the POQ system, which does not include a “play to earn” model.

The game will run on the POQ Quarter token, which is game independent and is a digital utility token, not a cryptocurrency or NFT token. The cutting-edge technology from POQ has allowed Strange Matter Games to develop a true free-to-play game that appeals to players simply because of the fun factor of the game, rather than because players want to get rich in the real world. This is a landmark game from Strange Matter and POQ that will play a role in shaping the future of blockchain based gaming.

Image Credit: Strange Matter Studios