BTS to take part in Disney collaborations

OUR The Walt Disney Company and K-pop superstars BTS are currently developing several projects for Disney+.

This new global entertainment deal between The Walt Disney Company and BTS studio house Hybe provides for the production of five games for streaming services Disney, Disney+, including three unique projects showcasing members of BTS or BTS.

Since its launch in South Korea in November 2021, Disney+ has been actively expanding its Korean drama programming, following the lead of Netflix Squid Game, leveraging the category’s worldwide popularity to attract customers in Asia, South America, and globally. Disney+ has promised to release over 20 Korean games in 2022, including 12 brand new titles.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Hybe to showcase their original content, powered by the artist’s powerful intellectual property, on our global streaming services, including Disney+,” said Jessica Kam-Engle, Head of Disney Content Asia Pacific.

“This will be the start of a long-term collaboration as we bring a wide range of Hybe content to a global audience for fans who love our music and artists,” added Hybe CEO Park Ji Won. “The Walt Disney Company has a long history of franchising and promoting music artists with its unparalleled brands and platforms.”

BTS announced earlier this month that they intend to spend the current phase of their career focusing on solo projects and a transitional group, which the members initially described as “on hiatus.”

Hybe later clarified that the group remains together in many ways despite their interest in individual endeavors and that they will still remain together as a supergroup. It looks like the upcoming Disney+ will be a great opportunity for the individual members of the world’s most popular band to showcase themselves in a new light.