Dodgers gain momentum from six runs to late to beat Cardinals 7-6

Cody Bellinger began to feel it in the seventh inning after a two-run home run from Will Smith.

For Traya Turner, the sensation came in the eighth when Dodgers the composition began to mount another rally,

Manager Dave Roberts was able to talk about all three of the last innings as his lineup drained the team. St. Louis Cardinals bullpen, stringing one productive bat after another, and staged their latest – and biggest – comeback, adding another highlight to their ever-growing season.

“I sound a bit redundant,” Roberts said, “when I say this is the biggest win of the year.”

Trailing by six runs in six innings, the Dodgers rallied. beat the Cardinals 7-6 Wednesday at Bush Stadium, capping off the team’s biggest win since August 2016 and the 26th such win this season, tied with the New York Yankees in baseball.

“On offense, I just can’t say enough about the guys,” Roberts said.

“Now we believe that if we continue to play like this, we will be in every game.”

Even the ones that look out of reach.

Last week, the Dodgers proved their comeback ability by erasing an early lead six times in seven games.

At the opening of the series on Tuesday at St. Louie, they nearly pulled another one, cutting a five-pass hole down to one before failing.

Wednesday’s win was the most incredible.

The Cardinals marked Tony Gonsolin not only with his worst start of the year, but also with one of the worst performances of his career.

With two strikeouts in the third, he conceded a two-out single to Paul Goldschmidt and then a two-run home run to Nolan Arenado in the next match.

In the fourth, he was charged with another two-out run after Andrew Kniesner hit a double on the left.

Meanwhile, Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright came in and out of trouble early and kept the Dodgers scoreless for the first five innings.

Dodgers pitcher Tony Gonsolin throws during the first half against St. Louis.  Louis Cardinals.

Dodgers pitcher Tony Gonsolin throws during the first half against St. Louis. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday in St. Louis. Louis.

(Jeff Roberson/Associated Press)

Wainwright returned to the mound in sixth and didn’t quit running.

But he failed to complete the inning, recording just one strikeout before handing the game to the Cardinals’ short-handed bullpen.

Roberts called this the first major turning point.

And over the last three innings, his line-up continued to gain momentum.

With two strikeouts in Series 7, Freddie Freeman compiled a two-out single — one of five times he hit base on Wednesday, his third consecutive game hit the board at least four times — before Smith hit a two-run home run to center .

The Cardinals led 6-2.

In the eighth, the Dodgers attack resumed. Bellinger singled out. Max Munsey drew a walk, his fourth game. Mookie Betts then doubled one run before Turner hit two more.

The Cardinals led 6-5.

After Craig Kimbrel hit a clean low in the eighth, the Dodgers lost little time in the ninth.

Justin Turner doubled the other way to start. Bellinger followed with a single that failed to score against Austin Barnes—Barnes fell in third but managed to get back safely to the bag—but put runners in second and third with no outs.

This raised the issue of Muncie, who was relegated to first place. Ranked No. 7 for the first time this year amid another decline in his disappointing season, and cost him dearly on Tuesday in a similar situation that kept the Dodgers from completing a comeback.

This time he made a throw, lifting the high-scoring victim to the center.

The Cardinals’ lead was gone, now the score was 6-6.

“Yesterday I let the team down, I had the opportunity to do the same, but I failed,” Muncie said. “So it was really important for me to make sure to pass today.”

Hanser Alberto landed the game-breaker two batters later, a two-out RBI single from the left that gave the Dodgers a 7–6 lead, which Evan Phillips defended in the bottom of the half for a save.

“It’s just really nice to see 26 guys play to win a baseball game,” Roberts said. “They don’t worry about statistics. The only statistic they care about is winning. And this is obvious. … The team offense in the last few weeks has been outstanding.”

Trea Turner added: “We just don’t give anything away, top to bottom. It doesn’t matter how the game starts, or how it looks, for good or bad, we just keep going.”