Grandstands stolen: James Tomley is arrested after a $10,000 worth of metal grandstand is stolen from Bull Sallas Park in the New Caney area.

NEW KANEY, TX (KTRK) – A Montgomery County resident has been arrested after $10,000 worth of bleachers were stolen from Bull Sallas Park.

58-year-old James Tomley was charged with theft of materials – metal.

According to Pct. 4 Office of Commissioner James Matt.

The bleachers are used in the park by visitors who cheer on youth sports competitions.

Photos released by Pct. 4 shows where the bleachers disappeared in the park.

Investigators said they noticed what appeared to be drag marks in the mud, where the boards of the grandstand were being dragged across the field to a residential building on Svoboda Street, located next to the park.

The following day, officials claimed that four more stands boards were missing.

After questioning nearby residents, intelligence led the detectives to the scrap yard where the bleachers were, and Tomley was identified as a suspect.

On the morning of July 12, Fri. 4 deputies worked at an unrelated stop. As the car’s occupants were arrested on felony drug charges, in addition to various warrants, deputies allowed them to call a friend to pick up their car.

That was when Tomley arrived at the scene, according to officials. A warrant for his arrest for stealing from the podium was issued the day before.

The deputies took Tomley into custody, in addition to the car’s occupants.

“Theft in the county park is theft from the youth and families of East Montgomery County,” Constable Hayden said. “This metal theft cost the county $10,000 to purchase new grandstands, depriving the county of funds it could have spent on other park improvements and maintenance.”

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