Hand dryers in public restrooms hit TikTok viral

They come standard in public toilets and are an important part of the handwashing process. But a new video has revealed the dirty secret behind hand dryers.

Hand dryers are standard in almost every public and communal bathroom, but they can do a lot more than just keep water away from your hands.

TikTok account PhoneSoap revealed a rather sordid truth in a video posted earlier this week showing what actually happens when people use the dryer after washing their hands.

After an experiment comparing residual germs from the standard air-drying method with various hand dryers, the results were stunning.

The test included collecting air blown from a Columbia Vortex, a Dyson Airblade, and two Xlerator hand dryers with an experiment tray.

The tray was also held in the air and shaken to simulate someone wiping their hands dry to see how it would compare.

The five trays were then placed in an incubator to “grow” the microbes for three days.

After removal, each was placed under a microscope so that microbial particles could be analyzed.

While there was no “visible growth” on the tray that had just been shaken, the same could not be said for wall-mounted hand dryers.

The tray tested with the first Xlerator dryer had “quite a few nasty things,” while a Columbia Vortex found in a gas station bathroom was completely covered in “nasty” germs.

The Dyson Airblade in the cinema toilet was also covered in germs, but not as badly as its counterparts.

The last Xlerator dryer in the mall was the least dangerous of the dryers, with just a few specks of germs on the tray.

“Based on this test, it looks like the best option is to wave your hands dry,” said the man recounting the video.

The shocking clip has been viewed more than six million times and received close to 8,000 comments.

Viewers could not believe the result of the experiment, and many vowed never to use hand dryers again.

“I love how we wash our hands and then just blow bacteria on them,” one comment says.

“Girls. From now on, I will shake,” someone else said.

However, the video was welcome news for people who have always avoided hand dryers due to noise or concerns about the spread of germs.

“Thank you for this! Literally never use them after I realized that they literally spread germs everywhere in the bathroom,” wrote one of them.

“I stopped using dehumidifiers after I heard they were described as ‘the wind of a thousand farts,'” said another.

“I never use hand dryers because they are awfully loud. Now I’m glad I don’t,” commented a third.

Originally published as TikTok Shows How Dirty Hand Dryers Are In Public Toilets