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Happy Bastille Day citizens!


Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has created the worst information environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in softening the fog of war – both real fog and stage fog – in the comments. None of us need more support and repetition of unlinked memes; there are platforms for that. Pom-poms of little value without references will be destroyed without delay.

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Changes in the cholesterol gene could stop the world’s biggest killer MIT Technology Overview

Why write? paris review

The world is like a game Freedom

How to read English in India Los Angeles Book Review

The Rise of Bad Art and the Decline of Political Candor Nation

How do mathematicians know that their proofs are correct? Kvanta Journal (David L.)


GALLERY of first images of Webb (guurst) I know we’ve been showing images of Webb over the past few days, not to mention Cool post from Lambert yesterday, but I can’t get enough of them – and I suspect at least some readers feel the same way as I do. When the world is in such a sorry state, I take pleasure where I find it. My jaw drops in surprise and awe. For the wonder of the universe. As well as a huge technical achievement related to imaging. Imagine if we financed more projects like this instead of putting money in the mouth of the military-industrial complex.

ADVENTURES IN A TIME TRAVEL LETTER Crime Readings. Forgive the duplicate links from Crime Reads. I have just finished reading an excellent time travel detective book: The Eyre Case by Jasper Fforde, the first novel in his Tuesday Next series. Find yourself a copy, especially if you’re a fan of classic English literature. Fascinating and unique reading.

Princess Mononoke: A masterpiece that hit the US BBC

# COVID-19

FDA approves Novavax Covid vaccine in hope conventional vaccine will convince opponents Stat


Monkeypox registration website crashed in New York Hill

New not-so-cold war

Ukraine and Russia are close to an agreement on the export of grain, said the UN German wave. Good news if it’s true.

Russia-Ukraine live: Nikolaev exploded Al Jazeera

German journalist punished for reporting war crimes in Ukraine gray area

Patrick Lawrence: Imaginary War Consortium news

The energy crisis will deepen Project Syndicate. Daniel Yergin.

Big Brother is watching you

Gmail users ‘hard pass’ plan to allow political emails to bypass spam filters Ars Technique

State Police

Uvalde’s latest revelations show exactly what’s wrong with US police Jacobin

Old Blighty

Two male candidates excluded, the next British Prime Minister will be in his 40s. Sydney Morning Herald (Reverend Kev)

Rishi Sunak wins Conservative leadership first round BBC

Amazing scenes of yesterday’s pandemonium in the House of Commons:

Changing of the climate

Episodic emissions monitoring in California oil country raises air pollution concerns Capital and home

How climate change exacerbates floods Counter attack

Over 100 homes washed away, at least 40 missing after severe flooding in Virginia: Governor declares state of emergency daily mail

Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow drink piss in the latest South Park special Decisive

Imperial crumbling clock

US struggles to curb Turkey’s TB2 killer drone exports Asia Times

Harpers announces it’s over – “American century” is gone Moon of Alabama

The empire shows more and more its true face Caitlin Johnston

Supply chain/scarcity

Can permaculture reduce poverty and ensure food security? Mattress Courier


Pentagon redirects small business fund to defense industry giants Responsible public administration

class war

The Eat the Rich ice cream truck sells $10 popsicles in the shape of Bezos, Musk and more. CBS News

Dodger Stadium Workers Threaten to Strike – Another Chipotle Union Initiative Launched – Starbucks Workers Vote Against Union payday report


New York City passed a law defining gun-prohibited zones. Where exactly? It’s complicated. City

Florida sheriff says man ‘absolutely not’ will be charged with home defense with ‘AK-47 style’ assault rifle New York Post


Doctors, fearing prosecution, refuse life-saving abortions bloomberg

Unitarian and Buddhist ministers join rabbi’s legal fight against Florida’s new abortion law. NBC


How Justice Amy Coney Barrett has a huge impact on the Supreme Court USA today

Trump transition

Trump discusses plans for 2024 at secret donor dinners Politico

Donald Trump Calls Elon Musk’s Twitter Mess National

Trump shoots Elon Musk, says he would be ‘useless’ without government subsidies mass media

Biden administration

The Biden administration’s caress about press freedom Review of journalism in Colombia

Ayo Biden is extremely unpopular. But can Democrats find an alternative for 2024?The keeper. re Šilc: “The DNC had absolutely no interest in state and local elections which are minor league development for their future bench player zzzzzz………”

Bad Will Hunting American conservative

The road to Iran’s “resistance economy” passes through a revived JCPOA Responsible public administration



How bad clients keep playing in the US Eunomia. Daniel Larison. re Šilc: “blinken continues the trend of the stinky sect”

EVIL ARAB: Biden in Arabia Consortium news

House of Representatives to vote to limit US arms sales to Saudis ahead of Biden trip Hill

Israeli court rules in favor of total impunity The Electronic Intifada (the guest)

Sri Lanka

‘The Rajapaks lacked vision, they worked for themselves’: Eric Solheim, peace mediator in the Sri Lankan war The wire

Explanation: why Gotabaya Rajapaksa from Sri Lanka chose the Maldives for a holiday First post

Maldivian government faces backlash over Sri Lankan presidential appointment Al Jazeera

sports table

VINGEGAARD ​​Turns the race on its head Tour de France official website. Watch the video by cutting the scene down to a video of less than 9 minutes. Amazing performance and they haven’t even made it to the Alpes d’Huez stage which is next. My husband is a serious cyclist and spends hours on TV watching every stage. (I usually show up in the last few minutes and highlights of the race.) Steven is not alone in thinking that the stage they just finished is more difficult.

Tour de France analysis by Dan Martin: So it was a knockout punch? News Velo

Woke up to watch

Study shows US 4th graders became gay at 12th grade level Babylon bee


How road technology can make India’s roads safer for pedestrians and vehicles Scroll

NEP Position Paper to Schools: Meat and Eggs are Bad for the Health and the Nation The wire

Vegetable trade in Dala: in troubled waters People’s Archives of Rural India. From April, still appropriate.

The center can expand the role of cooperatives to increase the number of jobs Hindustan Times

The US Consulate ordered the port of Mumbai to block Russian ships; India gives a sharp answer Republic of the World. They are desperate, aren’t they?


China’s Henan bank scandal not just a financial crisis, it could be a long-term political disaster: analysts South China Morning Post

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