Miami Pride: Broward Animal Shelter Gives Dogs a Chance to ‘Date’ and Find the Perfect Match

MIAMI – Finding true love in the form of a four-legged friend just got a little easier at Broward Animal Shelter.

On average, the Broward County Animal Shelter in Fort Lauderdale has about 100 cute and friendly dogs waiting for their homes.

Did you know that you can ask them out on a date first?

There is a Lunch Buddies program that brings great results.

Dennis and Stephanie Hering recently lost one of their dogs.

They did not look for another, but they noticed that their other dog, Mickey, is also a savior – completely in despair.

They heard about Lunch Buddies and signed up.

The first puppy they took in for the day wasn’t quite right for home, but the second date was “like magic.”

“We stumbled upon Xena and she was here for a few months, she was at the shelter for a really long time, we took her home for lunch, took her and Mickey for a walk and they hit it off right away. They seemed to know each other. to another life. She is super, her energy is exactly what we were looking for, ”Hering said.

Lavender is a terrier mix. She, too, had been at the orphanage long before her date with Rose Eugene-Fidel.

“I was looking for a dog to train as a service dog because I am a veteran. It also opened my eyes because I was able to take her to Home Depot. gave me an idea of ​​how she would behave with other people before you got her. For me, it’s the best it’s ever been.”

Lunch Buddies are also a great way to volunteer and make a difference in a shelter dog’s life, even if you’re not looking for a furry family member.

Brandi Smith took the dogs to lunch almost every Sunday for a year.

Once an applicant is approved, this can be a very rewarding experience.

She showed us how it works.

“Every dinner buddy is stocked with everything — a leash, a bowl of water, a toy, and every dog ​​wears a bright orange Adopt Me harness. I love taking them to the park, we go to Tree Top Park. or Markham Park, sometimes we take them to a picnic, sometimes to a restaurant, they love the park and they love to relax,” Smith said.

She added that this is a great excuse to get out of the house knowing that the dog will have a great day.

“I know I can’t save them all – and yes, it’s heartbreaking when they get dumped at the end – but all I can do is give them a few good watches… it’s my goal to give them a few good watches.”

The need for a dog’s permanent home is of course paramount, and even when the dog is a service dog, for a veteran like Eugene-Fiedel, it’s a symbiotic relationship.

“We heal each other, sometimes it seems to me that I am her human unit, we help each other.”

For information about Lunch Buddies click here.