RSPCA NSW: Dozens of dead birds found in messy Liverpool apartment

An “incredibly revealing” discovery has been made in a disgusting apartment, revealing a truly depressing living condition.

Dozens of birds were found dead in a suburban apartment and another 50 birds were found in small cages in Liverpool, New South Wales.

The RSPCA NSW found 42 “decaying” birds scattered throughout the apartment in boxes, cages and on the floor, while the remaining 50 birds were in cages – a total of 92 birds were found on the property.

At least 19 bird cages were found “extremely overflowing” with rubbish, stacked up to the ceiling in some places.

Most of the cages were surrounded by debris and were littered with accumulations of seeds and waste. None of the cells had clean water, and most had no access to natural light.

In one of the cages, the accumulation of old seeds and faeces was so strong that the birds inside did not have a roost or a chance to spread their wings.

The man and woman have since been convicted by a local court in Liverpool of three crimes of animal cruelty.

In January of this year, the RSPCA searched the apartment. Upon entering, the female defendant confirmed that she was the main occupant of the house and that her former partner lived in the apartment part-time and owned some of the birds.

The RSPCA NSW inspector confiscated the birds and cages and the animals were brought in for veterinary examination and treatment.

Veterinarians confirmed that the birds suffered from various chronic diseases associated with poor management, nutrition and lack of proper housing.

The court convicted a man and a woman of offenses related to the failure to provide veterinary care to 12 malnourished birds, five birds with various eye diseases and the failure to provide adequate housing for 50 live birds.

Judge Mabbatt fined each defendant $6,000 and issued a two-year public corrective order.

The male defendant was ordered to pay $12,027.85 for veterinary care and shelter, while the woman was ordered to pay $6,728.43 for expenses.

The RSPCA inspector said the experience was “incredibly frustrating” for everyone involved.

“It was an incredibly frustrating experience of the poor living conditions that these birds were subjected to,” they said.

“It is so sad to think about how long these animals have suffered and how this terrible situation could have been completely prevented.

“If you suspect that someone in your area is not taking enough care of their pets, contact the RSPCA NSW. Our team is here to provide assistance and support to achieve the best outcome for vulnerable animals.”

Originally published as “Incredibly disgusting”: a disgusting find in a dirty apartment