Texas sues Biden over new abortion guidance as conservative groups mull new issues

In its lawsuit, Texas alleges that the new leadership “forces hospitals and doctors to commit crimes and risk their license under Texas law.”

While Texas was the first to sue the new leadership, the state likely won’t be the last. Conservative supporters tell POLITICO they are mulling over their own issues.

“We’re talking to the pro-life movement about what the response should be to this perversion of the law,” said Roger Severino, who headed the Office of Civil Rights for the Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services and now works. with the Center for Ethics and Public Policy. “This is a radical new policy and they are opening themselves up to legal action and being blocked in court.”

The Biden administration argues that this policy is not new at all.

“This is to remind people of their federal bonds when they receive federal funding,” a senior health and welfare official told reporters on Monday. “It doesn’t require a specific behavior in any way.”

Texas attempted to refute this claim in its lawsuit.

” [the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act] The guidance is intended simply to remind hospitals of their existing obligations under federal law,” Texas said in the complaint. “But it’s not there: it includes a number of new abortion-related requirements that don’t exist under federal law.”

Much to the dismay of lawmakers and Democratic Party supporters, who have been demanding a more aggressive response to the erosion of abortion rights across the country, The Biden administration took a cautious stance – fearing that the same Supreme Court that struck Caviar will block any new measures they try to introduce.

However, even their narrower policies may run into the same buzz saw.

The Texas case will go to President Donald Trump-appointed Judge James Hendricks and, if appealed, will go to the right-wing 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and then to the Supreme Court.

The Biden administration this week also guidelines for retail pharmacies in the country issued warning them to stop denying patients abortion drugs, birth control, or other drugs that they suspect may be used off-label to terminate a pregnancy is another policy that conservative advocates may challenge.

“Pharmacists are not vending machines. These are medical professionals who regularly check for contraindications to protect the lives of both mothers and children,” Severino said. “The Biden administration is turning HHS leadership on its head and trying to scare pharmacists into thinking they have a responsibility to dispense abortion-inducing drugs.”