Two more shark attacks recorded on Long Island

SHIRLEY, New York – Shark attack temporarily closed Long Island beach again.

Officials say a surfer was bitten several inches long by a 4-foot shark in the waters off Smith Point on Wednesday morning.

Jennifer McLogan of CBS2 has more information on what experts say is causing the increase in shark sightings.

The 41-year-old surfer, paddling his arms to get the momentum to get up, said he felt teeth on his leg, recognized a scuttling sand tiger shark and took the hit.

“He was knocked off the board and then he saw this shark come back to him, and at that moment he was very lucky that the wave covered him and helped push him to the shore,” said Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone.

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Andrew Kalos said he just came for a swim and saw the aftermath.

“He was at the booth receiving medical care. It looked like a small bite on his leg, a couple of inches I think,” Kalos said.

“He was able to get out of the water on his own. They helped him. At that time, an ambulance took him to the hospital,” said chief rescuer Kevin Kolar.

Although the beach has not yet opened for the day, teamwork has helped the rescue.

“He was taken to Long Island Community Hospital in a non-critical condition,” Michael Neuhaus of Shirley’s ER said.

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It’s important to note the non-criticality because experts say the sharks are curious and don’t want to eat humans, adding that the sightings are due to cleaner water, bait closer to shore and global warming.

On Wednesday, a second shark attack on Long Island became known.


Around 6 p.m. Wednesday, Suffolk County police said a 49-year-old Arizona man was bitten by a shark on Fire Island’s Seaview Beach.

Investigators say the victim was standing waist-deep in water when the shark bit him on the wrist and buttocks. He was able to get out of the water.

He was airlifted to the hospital. His injuries are not life-threatening.

This is the latest in a string of shark incidents on Long Island’s south shore. Davis Park on Fire Islanda possible attack off Jones Beachobservation at Point Lookout and a lifeguard is bitten off Smith Point Beach on July 3..

“It’s always a concern. I have a great staff here. I have to protect my employees as well as the public,” Kolar said.

“It’s a lot. We had one last week and now again. We’re just doing our best to keep everyone safe,” Smith Point Beach lifeguard Sam Verdone said.

Drones were on Wednesday. The Wave Runners were in the water. Lifeguards with kayaks were on duty on the shore. Nearby were rescue boats and doctors.

“The Stop the Bleeding program is very important. This is a program designed to teach non-caregivers how to control bleeding in a controlled situation,” said Edward Lennon of Shirley Ambulance Service.

But most swimmers agree.

“I will still go to the beach and go into the water,” Kalos said.

Beaches eventually resumed swimming on Wednesday with regular lifeguard hours.