University of Melbourne School of Health Sciences head Bruce Thompson warns of the coronavirus situation at Victoria Hospital.

A leading public health official presented an alarming outlook for the state’s hospitals amid rising Covid-19 cases.

A leading health official has raised the alarm over Victoria’s healthcare system as Covid-19 hospitalizations continue to rise across the state and across the country.

Government officials and healthcare professionals across the country are warning of a coming third wave caused by the infectious BA Omicron. 4 and BA. 5 sub-options.

In the past two weeks alone, COVID-19 hospitalizations in Victoria have increased by more than 50 percent as wards also grapple with a re-emerging flu outbreak.

The head of the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne School of Health Sciences, Bruce Thompson, said Victorians are being “crowded out” in hospitals as a system that already had capacity problems before Covid struggled to cope.

“In 2019, we ran out of beds, and now we have a new state that didn’t exist before, and it’s terrible – taking up a lot of beds,” he told 3AW on Thursday.

“At the moment we have 740 people in the hospital with progressive pneumonia. We didn’t have 740 extra beds, so we have to move people to be able to do that, or increase the size.”

Mr Thompson said that while steps like vaccination are important to reduce transmission, there is another measure he would like Victorians to take.

“Everyone really needs to start wearing masks again,” he said.

“I really think our leaders need to go on TV wearing a mask and we certainly do (at the Melbourne School of Health Sciences) because we need to take care of our healthcare workers.”

On Tuesday, the state government “strongly recommended” the wearing of masks indoors and in public places in line with new pandemic orders and public health guidelines.

Victoria Health Minister Mary Ann Thomas later said she ignored advice from Acting Chief Medical Officer Ben Cowie to require masks to be worn under certain conditions.

“The Chief Medical Officer gave his advice and I took his advice, except that I decided not to renew my mask mandate under some of the conditions recommended to me,” she said on Tuesday.

“The advice of the Chief Medical Officer was to make it mandatory to wear masks in preschools and schools, as well as in retail and some hospitality establishments for workers in these areas.

“I have made the decision, based on the advice I have received, that the continued mandatory wearing of masks is not the most effective way to communicate the importance of wearing masks.

“We need to empower Victorians to make their own decisions.”

The number of Covid hospitalizations in Victoria increased again on Thursday, with 771 in hospital, 34 in intensive care and nine on ventilators.

Victorian Australian Medical Association President Dr. Roderick McRae told 3AW on Tuesday it was “unbelievable how we let ourselves get into this situation.”

He also said that “we have established quite well” that some hospitals will need to close wards and reduce elective surgeries due to increased patient numbers.

Originally published as Patients relocating in Victoria due to rising Covid hospitalizations