10 Kansas City Royals are reportedly ineligible to play in Toronto due to being unvaccinated against Covid-19.

All 10 are not vaccinated against Covid-19 and not allowed to play in Canada due to travel restrictions in the country, a source familiar with the situation confirmed to CNN.

“The organization has done a very good job of bringing in professionals and experts to simply get the guys through difficult conversations and empower them to make the decision they feel is best for them and their family,” he said after the 5th team meeting. . -2 wins over Detroit Tigers in Kansas City on Wednesday.

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The seven players who spoke to reporters after Wednesday’s game cited their personal choices in the matter and said they have the support of the club, including vaccinated teammates. MLB.com.

“It was a personal decision and I’ll leave it at that,” said Andrew Benintendi, the team’s only All-Star this season.

“I’m not against vaccines, so it’s just personal preference,” Hunter Dozier said. “I don’t condemn those who wanted it or didn’t want it.”

Matheny said that along with the players, several employees would also not travel to Canada.

because of current restrictions in Canada, MLB and the MLB Players Association have agreed that players who are unable to enter the country due to their vaccination status will be placed on the restricted list with no salary or time of service.
Before the 10 Royals were placed on the restricted list, any American team playing in Toronto had the most four players missing. according to ESPN. In total, twenty-five players have been placed on the restricted list this season due to their vaccination status.

“Do we want our Major League team on the field? The answer is yes,” Matheny said. “But now we are in such a situation. We look forward to someone else stepping in and making the most of this opportunity.”

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The Royal Family’s president of baseball, Dayton Moore, made the announcement in a statement released today. Kansas City Star that the organization could not talk about the vaccination status of the players. He said the team had done an “incredible job” trying to teach organization members to make “individual choices” but were “disappointed” with how it would affect the team.

“But at the end of the day, it’s their choice,” Moore said, according to the Star. “That’s what they decide to do. And we have always been an organization that promotes and encourages their individual choices. Unfortunately, this partly affects the team. It’s part of the world we live in and we just look forward to giving these players the opportunity to play in Toronto.”

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The four-game Royals series is due to start on Thursday. They are in last place in the American League Central Division with a record of 35-53.

Jill Martin of CNN contributed to this report.